Thursday, 28 April 2016


Jacket (Similar Here) | Jeans - H&M (in store) | Shoes - Urban Outfitters

I can only apologise for my lack of posts this month, hopefully this one will be a feast for your eyes though... 

Here I've got one of the most comfy and simplest outfits on but very stylish, leather and denim together is the dream combination and they always look great.
When in doubt it is just best to go for a combination of both items, this way, you know what the outcome will be - super chic.
These jeans are super comfy and are the only leather looking jeans that I have found fit me perfectly. Normally leather look pants are always low rise - these babies are mid rise meaning they fit a lot nicer on most body types apose to low rise jeans that only ever look good on super models. If you're a short girl like me then you'll find the length of these jeans are best fitting ones you've tried!

This denim jacket has become my most used item of clothing since I bought it, it goes with absolutely everything and can instantly add that bit of edginess to your outfit.




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