Thursday, 28 April 2016


Jacket (Similar Here) | Jeans - H&M (in store) | Shoes - Urban Outfitters

I can only apologise for my lack of posts this month, hopefully this one will be a feast for your eyes though... 

Here I've got one of the most comfy and simplest outfits on but very stylish, leather and denim together is the dream combination and they always look great.
When in doubt it is just best to go for a combination of both items, this way, you know what the outcome will be - super chic.
These jeans are super comfy and are the only leather looking jeans that I have found fit me perfectly. Normally leather look pants are always low rise - these babies are mid rise meaning they fit a lot nicer on most body types apose to low rise jeans that only ever look good on super models. If you're a short girl like me then you'll find the length of these jeans are best fitting ones you've tried!

This denim jacket has become my most used item of clothing since I bought it, it goes with absolutely everything and can instantly add that bit of edginess to your outfit.



Thursday, 14 April 2016


Once again I am back with some lovely spring pieces that are bound to brighten up your wardrobe, these pieces are all perfect for the (hopefully) approaching warmer months. If you're like me and never seem to venture into wearing a bit more colour then these dresses/tops/playsuits will edge you in nicely because they're edgy, chic and super cool.
Some of these bits are also ideal for the upcoming wedding season and would look smashing paired with little strappy heels and your best picture smile. There are also pieces in here that would look great at a festival, make sure to pick up that crochet top with some of your favourite denim hot pants and your wellingtons!


Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Recently, I took a visit to Budapest, the capital of Hungary with a group of my friends. It is somewhere that I had always heard such positive things about, every time I mentioned the place to someone that had previously visited, they would always tell me how beautiful the architecture is, how the nightlife is pretty amazing and how warm the weather can be. On this post, I will be sharing my experience and my tips on how to see the best of this lovely place.

The Sightseeing
I think this goes without saying but every city break is best accompanied by an open top bus tour that takes you to all of the main attractions. They are really the best way of seeing and learning the history about each city that you visit. We took the 'Big Bus Tour - Budapest', the Big Bus Tour company has bus tours in lots of major landmark cities across the world, ranging from London to New York and Abu Dhabi to Sydney. They are the perfect way to get around because you can hop on and off at every designated stop that you feel like and hop back on when the next bus comes a long. A bus comes around every 20 - 30 minutes, the perfect amount of time for you to have a good look around. Not only is this a great way to see the city but it also pays for a couple of days worth of transport - travelling with a view, what could be better? Through experience, I have found that these bus tours cost the equivalent of £20-25 and are valid for 48 hours from time of purchase, which is pretty damn good if I say so myself. You can find more information about these tours here.

Things to do
There really is a lot to do in Budapest, the sights to see are really quite endless and are all within a close radius of one and another. As I previously said there are many beautiful buildings in Budapest, some of the most prettiest being the Fisherman's Bastion along with the Matthias Church, these two beautiful buildings are right next to each other and make for breath taking photos, a long with a lovely view of Budapest. There are many places to stop at whilst on the bus tour, to name a few - Buda Castle, the Shoes on the Danube, the Chain Bridge, St. Stephen's Basilica and the Hungarian State Opera House. A long with sights, Budapest is famous for a couple of other things like their 'Exit Rooms' otherwise known as 'Escape Rooms', which I can tell you, is one of the best things I did whilst I was in the city and would recommend for every one to try out if they're visiting Budapest. It is a jungle-run/crystal maze-esque themed place that involves being locked in a room, whilst given an hour to find lots of clues to be able to exit or escape the room. There are lots of exit rooms to try but we were advised by a local that these were the best ones, you can find more information here. Another cool thing to do is to visit the Szechenyi Thermal Baths, these are year round warm baths/swimming pools that are open to the public. They're nice to see but worked out pretty expensive for what they were, if I remember rightly it worked out to be around £15, which is quite steep, you wouldn't pay that to go in a swimming pool at home.

One of Budapest's main attractions is it's notorious night life. The Ruin Bars have quickly become some of the most famous bars in Europe, they are named ruin bars due to that exact reason because they are in 'ruins', they are made up of all things that you would find in a derelict warehouse or your garden shed - very quirky indeed. We stumbled across one that was known to be one of the most popular, it was so lively inside and the drinks were super cheap, a gin and tonic worked out at about £4.00, which is a great price for being in a capital city in a lively bar. You can do a bar crawl which then takes you to some of the best spots in the city like Szimpla.

The Food
We didn't actually find lots of restaurants that felt that compelling to eat in, we had two big meals, one in an Italian place which was really nice and one in the Hard Rock CafĂ© - which I do not recommend eating in, we had great service but the food was not up to scratch, I basically left half my dinner (which is very unlike me). If you're a bit fussy and like to stay away from the traditional Hungarian delacsies like broth and stew then I suggest hitting up cafes, they have croissants and all sorts of pastries to choose from.

As we are tourists, we noticed that we got ripped off a couple of times. You never want to pay more than 9,000HUF for a taxi from the airport to the city centre. Another thing is that the shops seem to shut quite early, you don't have any 24 hour ASDA/Tesco here or chicken shops open till the crack of dawn. The only shop that we found was still open after 10 was subway (which obviously got it). So be prepared and buy stuff during the day to leave in your apartment fridge for when you get home late at night. 

This was by far the best city break I've been on, it's such a pretty, clean, warm, friendly and lively place - you really won't be disappointed, you get the best of both worlds, you can sight see during the day and fill yourself up with the city's pretty views and you can party the night away at the edgy bars.

Below are some pictures of the weekend away, I hope you enjoyed this post and if you are thinking about going to Budapest - do it!


Sunday, 10 April 2016


I don't know about everyone else but this sort of post is certainly something that I love to read, I am so nosey and am always curious to know which lipsticks a person owns, especially MAC lipsticks. MAC lipsticks are products that will never go out of fashion and will only ever get more popular in my opinion, there is such a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from that you could literally spend all day just choosing a couple that you like.

My collection is slowly but surely growing and I definitely want it to grow some more! If you are interested in any of the lipsticks that I have got in my collection then please keep on reading...

As you can see from the below pictures, I am a massive fan of nude lipsticks, I like to spend money on lipsticks that I can get the wear out of on  day to day basis. Obviously there are some brighter ones in there that can be worn on a night out. Some of my absolute all time favourite lipsticks from this MAC collection are Honeylove, Velvet Teddy, Whirl and Taupe. All of these colours look great on all skin types. I have linked below some of the places that you can purchase these lipsticks, I have also listed the name of each one below pictures at the bottom of the post.

Hope this inspires you to buy lots of new lipsticks!

From left to right:
Morange | Retro Matte Ruby Woo | Chili | Amorous | Men Love Mystery | Retro Matte All Fired Up | D for Danger | Sin | Antique Velvet | Stone | Whirl | Studded Kiss | Persistence | Taupe | Velvet Teddy | Kinda Sexy | Yash | Cherish | Honeylove | Naturally Transformed

Friday, 8 April 2016


If anyone here has read my skincare related posts before then you will know that I have always struggled with bad, oily, hormonal and spot prone skin. Ever since I was around 13/14 (basically when I hit puberty) I have always dealt with spots. I wouldn't necessarily say that I had acne, I just suffered with incredibly bad breakouts around my chin and mouth, especially when it came to that time of the month.

For years and years and years I would get down, avoid going out, feel anxious and upset over these bloody spots, some days it would get to the point where I wouldn't leave my room. I have tried all sorts of skin care products, ranging from drugstore products like Simple and Garnier to high end products like Clinique (which made my skin ten times worse). I have had countless doctors appointments, gone on all sorts of antibiotics and I found that literally nothing worked long-term. They would all clear my skin up for a little while and then I found myself back at square one again with the break outs.

I guess you are all reading this post because you all want to know what I have been doing differently with my skin to keep it clear. Well it is down to very simple, cheap and harmless thing - cutting out/down on dairy products. I always heard mutters that dairy products could flare up acne but I never really took the time out to further research it. I used to ask my doctor 'could my diet have anything to do with the bad skin' and I would always get the same answer back 'diet has very little to do with acne and hormones, it is all genetic...' Thinking about it now, it is so bizarre to think that the things you put in your body wouldn't have any effect on your skin, of course it does!?

So after a talk at work (where I was recommended to steer away from dairy products), I researched it a little and I was blown away by the amount of articles that were posted on the web relating to dairy free diets and acne. Just google it - you'll see for yourself.

I finally decided to take the plunge and just go for it, after all I had nothing to lose - so around 8 weeks ago, I cut down on dairy products by a considerable amount, baring in mind I used to have milk with my cereal for breakfast every morning, a yoghurt or two a day, ice cream every now and then, chocolate basically every day (I just can't live without it), I would also dabble in cheese quite a lot and would have butter whenever I had bread.

As you can see my diet contained a rather high amount of dairy, at first I didn't really notice any difference in my skin, it was still flaring up and the redness around my chin was still pretty prominent. It then got to about 2-3 weeks after when I noticed my spots started to disappear and no new ones were appearing. I thought I might just be having a few good skin days and my skin would flare back up after a week but to my astonishment my skin just kept improving. Now 8 weeks after cutting down on dairy, this is the clearest my skin has ever been. Don't get me wrong - I still get the odd spot because frankly over Easter I couldn't resist the chocolate (which is my own fault I know) but my skin is no one near as bad as it was. I would say that my skin has cleared up about 90%, which is amazing considering all I have done is cut down on dairy products. After all these years of trying different products to make my skin clear and beautiful, it was down to this simple trick?!

The reason that dairy products are meant to cause havoc with your skin is because of the cow's hormones that milk contains in it (it is a gross thought I know) but when you actually put some thought into it, putting unnecessary amounts of hormones in your body isn't a wise idea - especially when you suffer with bad skin.

I am so pleased with the way my skin is looking at the moment, I still have red scars on my face, but it's nothing that a little make up doesn't cover and they will eventually fade with time! My dairy diet now just consists of the odd spread of butter on my bread/jacket potatoes and a few bits of chocolate a week.

I have shared this because I want to help everyone that is in/has ever been in the same position as me and has come to the end of the tether with their skin, I can not recommend you bite the bullet and cut out dairy enough. Even just try cutting it out for a month, try almond milk in your tea or dark chocolate instead of milk, just to see what your skin will look like after. I promise you won't be disappointed.
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