Monday, 14 March 2016


I think we have definitely talked about how much of a loved brand MAC is before and how much it is valued by every make up lover on the planet, I can assure you that this is true. Recently I picked up some new bits from MAC, some bits that will make your average Saturday afternoon a bit better.

Gold Deposit Mineralize Skinfinish | Purchase Here
Let me start off by saying how much of a wonderful product this is, everything about the mineralize skin finishes are lovely, the pigmentation and the colours. I had heard a lot about this specific shade on other blogs and YouTube channels and decided to give it a go. It is the perfect highlight shade for someone who has the more darker skin tone because it gives a natural J-Lo-esque glow to the skin, which let's be honest, who doesn't want?! It is the absolute perfect product to use whist tanned to give you that extra strong cheekbone glow. The beauty about this product is that you can use it all around the face, if you're thinking about taking a shimmery bronzer on holiday with you to give your skin extra sun-kissed look then this is the product for you.

Mocha Blush | Purchase Here
Most girls I know that are into their make up tend to stay away from blush because (like me until about 18 months ago) they don't see the impact of what putting a blush on can make to their make up look, or will they look too done up with rosy pink cheeks. Now I have completely changed my outlook on that, a blush is now one of my favourite things to collect along with bronzers and this is because I have learnt that when you buy a blush that suits your skin, it looks really lovely...

Here we have a really gorgeous matte blush from MAC that gives such a subtle but pretty and sultry look to the cheeks, perfect for girls of all skin tones and types. This is the perfect colour to wear to work or for your day to day activities - as it's not too overpowering. Velvety to the touch and really long lasting, MAC blushes are the perfect way to start your collection.


  1. These are both stunning!

    xo, Liz

  2. Wow, the skin finish looks incredible ♥

  3. Stunning post and very nice

    Thanks for the support and thoughtful words on my recent post, I deeply appreciate it!!


  4. I've been looking for a good blush, that is a gorgeous color. Not sure about the bronzer though, I'm too pale for it! The Soft and Gentle mineralized skinfinish has been on my list for a while, though, I've always heard great things about them x

  5. I've never actually tried a MAC blush before however Mocha looks so gorgeous, will definitely have a look next time I'm at a MAC counter!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  6. Love these! The golden product looks like it would be great to use lightly as a bronzer or for one of us as a highlighter due to darker skin tones - thanks for sharing :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  7. These both look amazing. I love the look of gold deposit, so shimmery!

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  8. what do you think about soft and gentle?


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