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I don't know if anyone else gets like this but within the mist of things, it tends to get to the weekend before Mother's Day and I have totally forgotten to get my mum a present, days like Mother's Day (especially this year - because of how early it is) creep up on you so quickly and I always find myself frantically looking for something nice to buy my mum, so I thought I would share a few ideas and links some items below for you guys that are easily accessible, if you're a little last minute like me.

Theatre Tickets
This is always a really nice treat/surprise for your mum and it is something that you can both do together. Now that theatre tickets are much more widely available at cheaper prices buying tickets for an upcoming show is not that expensive at all. The LOVEtheatre app was something that I was introduced to around a month ago, it is an app where you can purchase all theatre tickets for a discounted price. It's well worth investing in, I would definitely recommend it if you are a show goer or would like to get into it more without spending too much money. On a Tuesday night you can get tickets for some highly regarded shows like Wicked for under £25 per person.

Spa Day
A spa day as a gift is a really wonderful idea and is probably for someone who wants to spend that little bit more money on their mum/nan, they are also the perfect way to spend more time with your her too. You can find great deals on,, and many more.

If you ask me, you can always count on Pandora to produce something beautiful and well worth the money. This present maybe something that you would have to put a bit of planning into, if you don't live in area with a Pandora shop. The Pandora rings have become a massive fashion staple for women as of recent times and you can buy all sorts of different styles depending on your budget, if you wanted to stick to a low budget of £20-25, you are still able to purchase something really lovely. Going into the store is always a great way of seeing all the styles they have to offer but you can also see them on the website too.

Every woman loves a candle to decorate their house with, whatever preference of smell that your mother likes, you are bound to find something of her particular taste. There are a vast amount of candles on sale nowadays, every brand is dipping their toes into the candle business, releasing beautiful scents catering to everyone's preferences.

Photo Frames
It's no secret that mothers love having pictures laid about the house of their family, even more so of their children/grand children. There is no better or more thoughtful way to treat your mum; than to purchase a lovely, sophisticated photo frame and to put a lovely photo of you/you and your siblings and her in. Below I have left some links to some super pretty frames that will definitely be a hit in any household.

House Plant
A house plant is always a great idea for a Mother's Day gift, it's simple, pretty and they seem to always be relatively cheap, I have found over the years that no matter how much clutter there is in the house, your mum/nan can always find a place for a succulent or an orchid. They also make for great little house decorations, especially for window sills and shelves. Below I have linked a couple of plants that can do the job, although you can really find these at any garden centre or your local B&Q etc.
You can never go wrong with buying your mother or nan a little something to glam themselves up. It is always nice to get them something that they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves, so a luxury, high end neutral colour lipstick is always a winner in my book. When buying a present it is always good to have the mentality of 'would I like this present myself?' that way, I don't think you can go too wrong. A brand like Charlotte Tilbury is the perfect choice for your mother, it's classy, chic and very luxurious.
This might sound like a straight forward answer but every one loves a bit of chocolate, right? Especially us ladies, we are very partial to the sugary stuff - so why not treat your mum to a gorgeous Hotel Chocolat chocolate slab. They are to die for.
Hand Cream
This is one of the most obvious and easiest things to buy your mother for Mother's Day, it is quick, it is simple and it is fuss free - and your mother is bound to appreciate this gift, no matter how many hand creams she has, you can really never have too many in my experience, one for work, one for the kitchen, one for your hand bag and for your bed side table. There are so many perfect scents from different brands available, I have linked a couple below.



  1. When is Mother's Day in your country? There's still 2 months to go in America. Great idea generating list & plenty of time for me to work on it lol

  2. oh gosh! can't believe mother's day is almost here!

    Happy March
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  3. Love these ideas! Especially the spa day and candles :) xx

  4. Thanks for sharing - we almost forgot about mother's day! We normally go for perfume or makeup but a spa day seems like a fab idea :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  5. These are great ideas for Mother's Day! I'm such a procrastinator it's ridiculous so this is perfect for me haha. My mom is actually really into LUSH so I was mainly going to look there but I love the idea of chocolates and candles! Thanks for sharing this :)

    Sam |

  6. I do agree theatre ticket is a good gift for mother days!!
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