Saturday, 20 February 2016


Shoes, shoes, shoes, everyone single girl loves them. Like every single girl. You'll be hard pushed to find one of us chicas that doesn't appreciate a good black shoe. A pair of shoes can really complete any look, on some occasions the shoes even make the look. You'll find that most girls can base their whole outfit around a pair of shoes that they want to wear, whether they are trainers, boots, heels or sandals, every one plans around their shoes. Even boys do it from time to time, right?

Today I bring to you a selection of black shoes that have been sitting in my wish list ready for pay day. Each and every one of them completely different to each other but they all have one small thing in common, they are definitely edgy, all of these shoes are designed to give your outfit that extra edge, whether it be with silver studs, silver buckles, suede material or a chunky heel. Whoever was designing these shoes had that slightly badass/rock chick gal in mind - that is for sure.



  1. Absolutely obsessed with your last pick with the lace up :) So feminine and chic! -Maireem

    My Fair Autumn | Instagram

  2. Great I am also a black shoe huge fan, so I really loved your post!
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  3. Stunning selection. Tanks for sharing. I love all theme but my favorite is the first one sandal
    You have a interesting blog. I hope you will like mine
    many kisses

  4. These are all great black shoe options, I'm a big fan. I definitely need to expand my shoe collection this spring/summer! xx


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