Friday, 12 February 2016


I feel like this outfit is straight out of America, with all the western cowboy references from the bandanna down to the belt.
Keeping the colour minimal (yet again) but keeping it sleek and stylish too, this outfit would be absolutely perfect for a stylish day in the office but also perfect for a date night, or a casual night out with friends to the pub/mall.
The dress is such a lovely and affordable piece from ASOS, they really get great things in this time of year and this dress proves it. It's simple and you can dress it up or down (depending on your mood or the event).
The bandannas are sure coming back with a bang, by just adding this little neck piece to your outfit it can instantly change the dynamic and make it that tiny bit edgier.
The belt might be my favourite purchase of the month, it really finishes off every outfit.


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