Monday, 15 February 2016


Hello everyone, to all of those love birds out there - I hope you had a happy valentines day. Today I bring to you an outfit that keeps on the sweet and pink theme of Valentine's day as it is perfect for a date night.

The bardot style top - that has done a full circle and come back into our fashion world from the 60s is a perfect choice for a first date. They are usually dressy (or can be dressed up), sexy but subtle and tend to be very flattering on all women, whatever shape or size that you are. It is a flattering shape of top to wear because it shows off the slimmest part on most women - the neckline and tops of the shoulders, which in turn gives off that extra sultry look. The sleeve detailing on this piece is also very current at the moment, which adds to the diversity of the top so pairing it with a pair of black trousers is enough.

These cigarette trousers are the most perfect fitting trousers that I have ever tried on, they fit so nicely because they are high waisted, which is a massive bonus for us short girls - because I find high waisted trousers fit us better than low rise, I'm sure some of you will agree? Topshop brought these trousers out a couple of years ago, I purchased them then and I still wear those ones to this day (mainly for work) but it shows for £22, they are really worth the money.

Now, let us talk about the shoes. How. Amazing. Are. They? When I went shopping last weekend and stepped into Topshop, these little beauties were on show all throughout the shop, they are the perfect edition to your spring/summer wardrobe. They have a real edginess but chic feel to them because of the silver buckles and will 100% complete every outfit.



  1. I love this outfit. The shirt's sleeves are amazing. I have a thing for sleeves like that! The pants are very nice and casual, but you could totally wear this to something professional like work or a meeting. The heels are just lovely as well. Overall a 10/10.

    Heba xx || The Heba

  2. I'm loving the pink trend as I'm a big lover of pink & everyone seems to be pairing it up so beautifully! xx

  3. I love pink...maybe cause my niece loves it. Either way it's an amazing color. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed day!

    Eye See Euphoria |


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