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MAC will forever be one of my favourite make up brands, no matter how many times I venture out and buy something else from another make up range/brand, I always find myself coming back to trusty old MAC, I think everyone feels the same, right? Their make up is second to none and consistently good, whether you are going for eyes, lips or face products.

When I popped into MAC a week or so ago I picked up two lovely new products that will contribute to dazzling ones eyes up...

The Paint Pot in Tailor Grey
If you're ever looking for a crème eye shadow product, that goes on amazing, stays on amazing and looks amazing then going for one of MACs paint pots is your best bet. They have so many different colours to choose from, most of which are neutrals (they do have bright colours too) but the more natural colours are much more favoured. This is because they can be used as a great base for your eye shadow because of the crème consistency and they also have great lasting power, as they are part of MACs prolong wear range - which if you know, is a brilliant line of make up from them, it simply doesn't move from your face. I tend to use the paint pot in Soft Ochre as my base for most eye shadow looks but if you want something quick and simple then adding the colour Tailor Grey to your lids is perfect, especially for work.

Pigment/Shimmer in Blue Brown
Using eye pigment in your make up look is a perfect way to add a bit of drama to your eye shadow, especially if you want to have a real concentrate of colour in it. I tend to use these when I am going on a night out and when I want my eye shadow to really pop. 

The MAC pigments come in such lovely colours, they have matte shades and lots of iridescent shades too (these ones are a massive favourite for me) this shade in particular is gorgeous because it goes on brown but shines blue in the light, which of course adds to the drama. In one of the pictures above you can see how different the pigment looks on naked skin and then on top of the Tailor Grey paint pot - it is such a versatile product. These pigments stay on well with a cream base underneath but for the best results you can use a glitter glue, like the topshop women's face art glue (linked above). 



  1. Really want to try a Paint Pot from MAC, they look like they'd make the perfect eyeshadow base and I love the look of that Tailor Grey shade! That pigment also looks so pretty!

    Millie x | Millie’s Wardrobe

  2. I really want to try the pigments from MAC, as they have some gorgeous colours! x


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