Saturday, 27 February 2016


Top, Zara (Sold out on website, purchase in store!) | Skirt (Similar Here)

Is it me, or has this 'crinkle' looking material hit the fashion world by storm? Every where you look online and in store you are bound to find something laying around in this material. Personally I am a massive fan of it and I think that this isn't going to be the only thing that I will have of this material hanging in my wardrobe in a couple of months time.

This top in particular is a lovely piece that at first I wasn't sure it was going to look right - with the wrap over material etc. but you'll be pleased to know that it is very flattering on. If you like to pick up  pieces that are great for layering and also look great if you were to wear it on it's own with a skirt or a pair of jeans, then this might be right up your street. It can instantly dress up the dullest of outfits and make it become that little bit more snazzy because of its simple yet elegant style. 

This top would look perfect paired with some high waisted jeans, a thin leather belt and a pair of brogues.


Friday, 26 February 2016


I think I have said this in lots of previous posts before but there really isn't anything better than adding a bit of animal print to your somewhat plain wardrobe. Zebra print seems to be the way to do this now, not only is the pattern made up of the most used colours in ones wardrobe but something about it is just super enticing. The pattern itself is simply lovely on clothing, personally I think it is the perfect way for someone to stand out. 

Missguided have done it again with their jumpers, I am a fan of cropped jumpers but only when they are of a baggy, boxy cut like this. Missguided have designed this jumper so nicely, that it can be literally be paired with anything, whether you decide on jeans, a skirt or tailored trousers. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2016


This jumper is one of those pieces where you can walk into a room and everyone will comment on how much they love it, no matter how old or young, no matter what they're style is or how they dress. As it is such a versatile piece but such a staple at the same time, it draws a lot of people in, whatever their taste in fashion may be. 

An oversized, nude jumper like this is, is a must for every girls wardrobe. It comes in so handy for days where you want  to go for a chilled and relaxed look but you don't want to put too much thought into it. You can almost certainly count on a jumper like this to make you feel super chic and cosy on any day of the week.

Missguided always come up trumps with their jumper designs, I'm sure we can all agree that you could spend hours on there whittling down your basket from 10 jumpers to a reasonable 2 due to the overflowing choice. 
Oversized is best when it comes to jumpers, a) because of comfort and b) because you can always count on being able to pull them off, whatever shape or size you are.

Monday, 22 February 2016


Jumpsuit (Zara, in store) | Jacket (Similar Here)

Hand on my heart, I can say that I haven't found a comfier piece of clothing than this. Notoriously jumpsuits/one pieces are known to be somewhat uncomfortable because they can be ill-fitting. This one definitely breaks that mould because of its nice thick cotton material (similar to a jogging bottom) and also because of it's shape - there are no restrictions anywhere, there aren't any zips, buttons, ties or extra bits of fabric to either annoy you or get in your way.

Not only is this jumpsuit comfortable but it is so on trend too, ticking all the chic and edgy boxes - meaning it is perfect to throw on with some all white converse and a black leather jacket. It is the perfect edition to your spring wardrobe, as it is a great piece to wear when the temperature is in its mid teens (typical April-May weather). It can also be worn when it is a bit colder, by throwing on an oversized jumper on top.

This slouchy, lazy style is very in at the moment and this jumpsuit can be paired with a number of things to create a number of different looks. You can keep it sport-chic by pairing it with some adidas Stan Smith trainers or cut a more American Western look with a leather jacket, some cowboy boots and a bandanna. The list could go on, this is such a unique and versatile piece for your wardrobe that I highly recommend investing in, and for £17.99 you are really getting a great deal...

Saturday, 20 February 2016


Shoes, shoes, shoes, everyone single girl loves them. Like every single girl. You'll be hard pushed to find one of us chicas that doesn't appreciate a good black shoe. A pair of shoes can really complete any look, on some occasions the shoes even make the look. You'll find that most girls can base their whole outfit around a pair of shoes that they want to wear, whether they are trainers, boots, heels or sandals, every one plans around their shoes. Even boys do it from time to time, right?

Today I bring to you a selection of black shoes that have been sitting in my wish list ready for pay day. Each and every one of them completely different to each other but they all have one small thing in common, they are definitely edgy, all of these shoes are designed to give your outfit that extra edge, whether it be with silver studs, silver buckles, suede material or a chunky heel. Whoever was designing these shoes had that slightly badass/rock chick gal in mind - that is for sure.


Friday, 19 February 2016



MAC will forever be one of my favourite make up brands, no matter how many times I venture out and buy something else from another make up range/brand, I always find myself coming back to trusty old MAC, I think everyone feels the same, right? Their make up is second to none and consistently good, whether you are going for eyes, lips or face products.

When I popped into MAC a week or so ago I picked up two lovely new products that will contribute to dazzling ones eyes up...

The Paint Pot in Tailor Grey
If you're ever looking for a crème eye shadow product, that goes on amazing, stays on amazing and looks amazing then going for one of MACs paint pots is your best bet. They have so many different colours to choose from, most of which are neutrals (they do have bright colours too) but the more natural colours are much more favoured. This is because they can be used as a great base for your eye shadow because of the crème consistency and they also have great lasting power, as they are part of MACs prolong wear range - which if you know, is a brilliant line of make up from them, it simply doesn't move from your face. I tend to use the paint pot in Soft Ochre as my base for most eye shadow looks but if you want something quick and simple then adding the colour Tailor Grey to your lids is perfect, especially for work.

Pigment/Shimmer in Blue Brown
Using eye pigment in your make up look is a perfect way to add a bit of drama to your eye shadow, especially if you want to have a real concentrate of colour in it. I tend to use these when I am going on a night out and when I want my eye shadow to really pop. 

The MAC pigments come in such lovely colours, they have matte shades and lots of iridescent shades too (these ones are a massive favourite for me) this shade in particular is gorgeous because it goes on brown but shines blue in the light, which of course adds to the drama. In one of the pictures above you can see how different the pigment looks on naked skin and then on top of the Tailor Grey paint pot - it is such a versatile product. These pigments stay on well with a cream base underneath but for the best results you can use a glitter glue, like the topshop women's face art glue (linked above). 


Tuesday, 16 February 2016


Wow, where do I begin with explaining how amazing this Morphe palette is? After hearing and seeing so much of how well the eye shadows and brushes work on YouTube, I decided to see if they shipped to the UK and if so, how much would these products be. I was stunned to find out that this beautiful palette was marked up as £15.95 on, I honestly couldn't believe my eyes. Even if the palette was only half as good as what the youtubers were making out, I was still going to purchase it for that amount.

They have a range of different palettes, ranging from this warm toned one to an all matte palette (that may be on my list to purchase after). I decided to go for the warm toned because as like most people I do prefer the warmer tones to the cooler ones.

Let me start off by saying, how truly easy they are to blend and how velvety each shade is to the touch, the pigment of the majority of these eye shadows would make you think that they were actually MAC shadows (£10 a pop) instead of Morphe. The pay off that these shadows have is also great, they stay on throughout the day and even stay on really well on a night out, especially when your face can become sweaty and your make up can run/crease.

The range of colours that they offer in this palette is actually quite insane, there is literally every colour that a girl would ever need in one place - making it super easy for when you want to travel, as you can just grab this one palette and be away, not needing to worry about bringing any other eye shadows with you.

For £15.95, this palette is a true bargain and I encourage any make up lovers, whether you are into your high end make up or you are a budget buyer - this palette is for you.

I knew I couldn't buy one of their eye shadow palettes without purchasing a couple of their famous brushes. I simply went for ones that I needed for my collection - a fluffy blending brush - M441 (these brushes are perfect for creating your transition shade) and a pencil brush - M431 (a stiffer, smaller brush to create a more defined look).


Monday, 15 February 2016


Hello everyone, to all of those love birds out there - I hope you had a happy valentines day. Today I bring to you an outfit that keeps on the sweet and pink theme of Valentine's day as it is perfect for a date night.

The bardot style top - that has done a full circle and come back into our fashion world from the 60s is a perfect choice for a first date. They are usually dressy (or can be dressed up), sexy but subtle and tend to be very flattering on all women, whatever shape or size that you are. It is a flattering shape of top to wear because it shows off the slimmest part on most women - the neckline and tops of the shoulders, which in turn gives off that extra sultry look. The sleeve detailing on this piece is also very current at the moment, which adds to the diversity of the top so pairing it with a pair of black trousers is enough.

These cigarette trousers are the most perfect fitting trousers that I have ever tried on, they fit so nicely because they are high waisted, which is a massive bonus for us short girls - because I find high waisted trousers fit us better than low rise, I'm sure some of you will agree? Topshop brought these trousers out a couple of years ago, I purchased them then and I still wear those ones to this day (mainly for work) but it shows for £22, they are really worth the money.

Now, let us talk about the shoes. How. Amazing. Are. They? When I went shopping last weekend and stepped into Topshop, these little beauties were on show all throughout the shop, they are the perfect edition to your spring/summer wardrobe. They have a real edginess but chic feel to them because of the silver buckles and will 100% complete every outfit.

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