Monday, 11 January 2016

Rock Chick T-Shirt Vibez

I think I should just rename my blog 'Casual & Comfort' as all I seem to do these days is buy and write about comfortable clothes and why it is necessary to have them. I feel like we always feel more confident in clothes that we are comfortable in. I mean I must sound like a broken record as I say this in EVERY post I write, right?

This is such a gorgeous edgy take on comfort and is ideal for the lady that likes to keep things more toned down and cool. As soon as I spotted this on the Missguided site I knew it was going to be a purchase for me. I think this is the perfect outfit for any shape or size, whether you are tall, short, curvy or skinny - it works well for everyone because of it's lose fit but it's not too lose so you look shapeless, which is great.

Pairing it with knee high boots and a leather jacket is the perfect way to finish off this rock chick outfit and make it more Kardashian-Jenner-esque. This sort of style top/band tee is the perfect wardrobe addition when you need something quick and easy but looks so sophisticated.



  1. Awesome look... and your hair? IN LOVE!


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