Sunday, 17 January 2016

Pretty Lace

I think it is safe to say that delicate lace is back in fashion and it is way more cooler and edgier than it ever was. Tops that look like your night dress are such a statement piece nowadays and they are such a cute way of making an outfit a bit more girly.

These tops are the ultimate way to add a bit of femininity and sexiness to your wardrobe, they can be worn with many different things to create different looks. For instance, wearing this sort of top with thick denim or leather gives your outfit a sort of juxtaposition, making them perfect for when you want to find a balance between tom boy and girly.

An outfit like this is something I would definitely wear on a night out with friends, date nights etc. (I feel like I say that all the time) but it's true. You have to have certain outfits for certain occasions and when you want to keep your look feminine and sexy then wearing a dainty top is a must.


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