Sunday, 3 January 2016

NARS | Laguna Bronzer

We all know how much of a luxury brand NARS is and I'm sure pretty much all of you girlies that love make up absolutely adore NARS as a brand. It is a brand that I only sort of got into at the back end of last year, simply because I could never afford or justify spending the money on it until recently. It is a lovely brand, everything about each of their products draws you in, the packaging is beautiful and I'll tell you now, if someone tells you that they're not even the tiny bit enticed to buy make up because of it's packaging, they are lying - it has a massive contribution to how you feel about the product.

If there are a few products that each lady would want to or should own from NARS then the Laguna bronzer is definitely one of them. I feel like a bronzer is such a staple piece to have and something easy and reliable to go for if you want to try out a brand because let's face it, no one can have too many bronzers, right?

This bronzer has become a real favourite of mine over the past couple of weeks, it is the perfect ashy golden brown shade to use when you want to contour and chisel out your features. It definitely gives the more rounder face (like mine) a bit of depth and shape but it also gives your skin that desired warmth.

As I said NARS is more of a luxury brand therefore there comes the luxury price tag of £27.50, which I will admit is quite pricey however I feel like when you're working full time and have a bit of spare money to yourself it is nice to spend that little bit more on expensive items.



  1. Thanks for the product review! We've been eyeing this up for ages but weren't sure to get's great that it is not overly shimmery though :)
    Have a happy new year and feel free to check out our latest post x

  2. NARS is one of those brands that I am yet to try. We actually don't have in Lithuania and all is left is getting it online, but I am one of those people that need to see product in real life to get it, you can never know with shades and all :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me


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