Friday, 22 January 2016

Grey Scales

You know when you're in a major rush to get to work and you need a nice, classy and work appropriate top to shove on that goes with everything? I often find it a complete nightmare trying to find something that I can chuck on to go with my bottoms - just as I have got literally 5 minutes before I have to rush out the door. This is where these tops from Topshop can help you out an enormous amount, they have become the perfect go-to work top for when you find myself in these rather annoying situations.

It is the perfect transition top too, whether you want to wear it to work in a more smart style or you want to wear it with jeans and boots (pictured below). This colour in particular is so chic and simple but they also come in lots of different colours, all of them either dark colours (navy and black) or light dusky colours like pink and this grey. I definitely think I'm going to be purchasing some more, that's for sure. 

As for the jeans, doesn't everyone love a mom jean? The way they fit so perfectly on pretty much every shape and size and will always been in fashion, they are such a timeless and forever on trend piece, you can pair them with anything and they are guaranteed to give your an outfit a bit of edginess.

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