Monday, 4 January 2016

For Someone Who Didn't Have The Best 2015 | Reflection

Going from a lot of different people's posts and tweets 2015 was a year that meant a great deal to a lot of people, seeing posts about how a lot of lives have changed drastically this year whether it was for personal reasons or professional reasons means it can bring a bit of a downer to someone's life when you are not feeling the same way. It is sometimes hard to feel happy for other people when your life isn't moving at the pace you would have hoped or your life isn't where you expected it to be at this point in time.

I know for me 2015 has been a real eye opener and a year that hasn't been particularly great for many reasons that I won't bore you with but the best thing to do when reflecting on the year that you have just had is to not try and conventionally pick out the 'positive' things that have happened but to just reflect on how that year - whether it has been bad or good, has shaped you that little bit more into the person that you are going to become. Sometimes people that have had a rough time become the most understanding and kindest people that you come across (take that as food for thought). I don't want to sound too clichĂ© but at the ages of 20-25 we are still trying to find our way, some would say that being in your 20s is the worst part of your life because you are so focused on trying to become this person you want to be professionally or personally tat you forget to live for the moment and remember that you are still a young adult. It can be devastating when you hit walls or have knock backs because of focusing on something so much. Knockbacks come for many reasons like you haven't got enough experience or still not having any idea what you want to do, this can leead to anxiety about where your life is going to take you, not knowing if this particular ride that you're about to get on in this part of your life is going to be beneficial to you down the line.

I have definitely struggled a lot with that this past year, comparing myself to so many successful and wonderful people that are either online or on TV and sometimes being very harsh and unfair on myself, the truth is that we all do it. We all compare ourselves to someone we want to be, how we wish we could go back and time and do things differently thinking that we would be much more successful than we are right now, if only we had just done one thing different. The reality is that it doesn't work like that, we have to go through certain motions and feelings as human beings and create stepping stones for ourselves that will eventually lead us to a place in our lives that we will be happy with. Something that always makes me feel better is knowing that there is no one in this world like you and no one can offer what you can offer as an individual, no one has your set of skills, your personality, your background and your knowledge.

It really is hard to keep yourself happy and positive all the time, gosh it sometimes feels like a work out just to keep yourself mentally stable and not drift down that road of unhappiness, looking at how other people's lives throughout one year have changed and yours has just become the same series of unfortunate events happening day in, day out (what it can feel like).

So I propose to you guys, my readers, to make 2016 a year where you're not so harsh and hard on yourself for making mistakes and to just take each ride as it comes, taking risks in your personal or professional life, if it doesn't work out then at least you can say you tried, most things are always fixable and nothing is ever as bad as it seems. To make sure that you focus on you, sometimes it is ok to be selfish and do what you want to do - at the end of the day, you're the one you have to take off to bed at night with your thoughts, so keeping yourself happy is the most important thing (without bashing others of course). Don't focus on what other people have, focus on what you have, focus on the things that you have accomplished, no matter how big or small they may be. Just focus on being the best possible version of you and things will change...


  1. Happy New Year and great post.

  2. I'm terrible for doing this, always too harsh on myself and comparing myself to pretty much everyone! Great thoughts to take in to the new year.


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