Friday, 8 January 2016


Now that Christmas is out of the way, all I can think about is summer and how much I want it to be a really good one this year. I would love it to be filled with lots of little short breaks across Europe, a day festival or two and a nice beach holiday. We can all dream right? ha. A long with the summer months, comes the summer clothes, the shorts, the skirts, the beautiful bikinis, the dresses and then comes the beach hair.

It has literally taken me until now to try and figure out a way to try and create this desired look that so many of us crave to nail over the summer months, we want that, just got out of bed, just rolled in the sand, Lauren Conrad natural looking hair and we want it easy. Well, here come my tips to try and create this look...

To create the look of 'just rolling out of bed' I tend to leave my hair to dry straight from the shower, instead of hair drying it, this way it gives it that rough looking texture. If your hair dries a bit flat and straight then I suggest shoving in some hair moose or texturizing spray whilst it's wet so it dries with a bit more consistency. When your hair is dry, add some heat protection to it, as you are going to be using curling tongs - do not miss this step, you will eventually regret it if you do. Once everything is set in place and your curling tongs are hot - take a large clump of hair (as displayed below) and wrap it around your curling tong - leaving it on for around 10 seconds (taking a large clump of hair will work better for this look - to create the large natural waves). You don't want to leave the curling tongs on your hair for too long because we don't want a really defined curl - we want a rough looking 2-3 day old curl.

The trick to making this look a bit more edgy and not so prim and proper is not to curl every chunk of hair, this way the curls don't look so planned out and more sporadic therefor it looks natural and like the imaginary dry salt in your our has created this look.

I have used the Lee Stafford curling tong here which has become my new secret weapon when it comes to my hair, because of the style of the wand/barrel (whatever you want to call it) no two curls are the same, which is ideal for this type of look. I will be doing a full review of this curling tong soon, so be sure to check that out!

Now the next couple of steps are the key to making your curls and waves look as natural as possible. You first want to to spray your hair with some hairspray to keep it in place and then you want to take a brush, of your choice - I really recommend a tangle teeser though (I seriously couldn't live without one of these now) and brush your hair through, brushing all of the curls out that we just did, to give you more large fluffy waves. After you have done that just add a bit of serum to the ends and finish off with some more fixing/hairspray, then you are good to go.



  1. Great tutorial! This is such a beautiful look! You have such gorgeous hair, I'll definitely have to try this.

  2. Oh my gosh your hair looks perfect!! I am so bad at creating beach waves but obviously I was just doing it wrong haha! That curling wand looks amazing!

    Shannon Sage

  3. Love this beach waves look! Thanks for this tutorial since it's way too cold to actually go to the beach now!

    Happy New Year!


    Chow Down USA


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