Sunday, 31 January 2016


I don't think it is a secret how much striped clothing is in at the moment, everywhere you look and every shop you go in you are confronted with the unending pleasure of stripes (yay)! Personally for me, I hope that stripes stay in the shops for as long as possible - because I think I am right in saying, like every person that is into their fashion, you simply can not go wrong with a good old stripe. Blimme, how many times can I say stripe in one paragraph?

Here we have a shirt/blouse, that is unlike any others that I have seen before but worn correctly it can look really fabulous. Some people are often put off with garments like this, due to the extensive material and the tie front - in some cases it can be impossible to know what to do with some of it and so it is easy to give up when it doesn't look right.

This is definitely the perfect summer garment, with the open collar design, it's great to wear on top of a bikini and be used as a beach throw over or either glamming it up and wear it on night out with your girls - either way it is perfect for the summer and even better for your holiday. The vertical stripes also work in favour of pretty much every woman on the planet, flattering you whatever you shape you are.



It can always be a nightmare trying to find cute tops that are decent and cheap prices these days, especially when you want to buy bits for work that you ideally don't want to spend a lot of money on - but you still want to look presentable in.
Sometimes it can be really hard to find tops that go with everything (items that you can chuck on with your jeans, cigarette trousers or skirts and tights) knowing that they will look good and flatter your figure.
I don't know if anyone else has the same problem but I seem to have my bottom half dressed in the morning whilst doing my hair and make up. It gets to 8:35 and I realise I am still standing in my bra, so I always seem to find myself dashing around looking for a quick and easy top to throw on. So I have decided to throw a little post together collecting some of the nicest tops, for under £20 that are guaranteed to make that hard decision of not knowing what to wear to work in the morning, that tiny bit easier and fuss free.
Some things on this post are also perfect for chucking on for a night out or a quick lunch with friends. It is always just nice to know that you can find decent tops under the £20 mark.

Saturday, 30 January 2016


What is better than a pretty, plush and nude pink dress to make your wardrobe feel that little bit more girly than it did before? Nothing at all - that's right, it's actually well worth adding this little gem to your collection of dresses when it is only £5! This is the perfect little piece to bring a bit of light colour to your closet, it is easy to wear and very easy to style.

You can either keep it really simple and girly by adding some ballet pumps and a denim jacket or you can make it rather edgy, layering it up with silver jewellery, a leather jacket and some Dr. Martens, it also can be worn with little dainty heels or sandals if you want to wear it on a night out.

Missguided always have the best sales, it's just a case of catching the items before they go out of stock so catch it fast if you want this little beauty of a bargain!


Friday, 29 January 2016


Now that the most anticipated pay day of the whole year has arrived for most of us and only round the corner for a couple of others, I think we all are entitled to a well deserved shop! Don't you think? January is always a long a dreary month, a month that takes a lot of hard work to get through. *wipes forehead* look at me, getting all dramatic over here, ha.

Basically, what I am trying to say is, get your bank cards at the ready because I've got some serious cute pieces to show you here, all super on trend pieces that will work with all seasons of your wardrobe. These pieces really reflect a sort of edgy and boho chick style that all of us secretly love. My all time favourite pieces here are the nude pink boots and the ribbon choker - both pieces that are very on trend right now!


Tuesday, 26 January 2016


Now, this perfume was never one that I thought I'd like. Mainly because I didn't feel like I was mature enough to wear a scent like this...

However Coco Mademoiselle is a perfume that is widely loved by women all over the world since it's release in 2001, whether you are a religious wearer of the scent or you had it as a gift on the off chance, most ladies I know have either had this perfume in the past or wear it now. The most common way to find your love for a perfume/scent is smelling it on someone else and becoming some what hooked on it - this is exactly what happened to me. Like I mentioned previously, this isn't a scent that I would ever have considered wearing even one year ago but after smelling it constantly at work (because it is a highly favoured fragrance within my work place) it really started to grow on me.

If you like a perfume that has a real punch to it, then this is one that you will most certainly enjoy wearing. It has such a signature scent, something like I have never smelt with any other perfumes before, with ingredients such as rose, jasmin, patchouli (a minty herb) and orange it is a wonder how a fragrance can smell this good without being too overpowering. The perfume is rather sharp at first but after a few seconds the sharpness radiates into a luxurious, sexy and beautiful fragrance.

I remember when I first smelt it and thought it was the smell of someone's washing powder tingling my nostrils because of it's cotton fresh-esque scent, this only adds to the sexiness - after all, what is more appealing than freshly washed cotton?!

It has an incredible staying power that you can still smell on your skin 12 hours after spraying it, meaning it is the best choice for a night out. All I am trying to say ladies, is definitely give this scent a try if you haven't already, even if you go into Debenhams or John Lewis, just to have a quick whiff. Do it, you may surprise yourself with how much you like it.



Monday, 25 January 2016


Now Christmas is over, I think I am right in saying that pretty much every person wants the warmer weather here and to see the back of January and everything that it brings with it. I know I certainly can not wait for this month to be over and for the much nicer months to be upon us. Not only do we have the nice weather to look forward to but we have summer holidays, festivals and last but not least we have the cuter clothes to look forward to.
Here are some cute pieces that I have come across this week that I will definitely be purchasing once we hit pay day!

Saturday, 23 January 2016


I think two of my most used words on my blog must be casual and grey, right? Literally everything I write incorporates them both ha. Although I definitely think they are the best words and when written in combination, they are even better, especially when it comes to your style.

Being comfortable and chic is so easy when you find yourself coming across dresses like this especially when they are such a good price too. These dresses are the perfect way to convey a pretty relaxed and cute look, by simply adding your choice of accessories you can dress them up or down.

Here have I gone for the classic over the knee boots and a back pack - the perfect outfit choice when you need something not too dressy but sophisticated at the same time - because of the material this outfit would look great with some all star adidas trainers and a leather jacket too. It really all depends on your preferences.

Packing your wardrobe out with pieces like this, that are solid foundations for quite a few outfit choices is the best way to go.


Friday, 22 January 2016

Grey Scales

You know when you're in a major rush to get to work and you need a nice, classy and work appropriate top to shove on that goes with everything? I often find it a complete nightmare trying to find something that I can chuck on to go with my bottoms - just as I have got literally 5 minutes before I have to rush out the door. This is where these tops from Topshop can help you out an enormous amount, they have become the perfect go-to work top for when you find myself in these rather annoying situations.

It is the perfect transition top too, whether you want to wear it to work in a more smart style or you want to wear it with jeans and boots (pictured below). This colour in particular is so chic and simple but they also come in lots of different colours, all of them either dark colours (navy and black) or light dusky colours like pink and this grey. I definitely think I'm going to be purchasing some more, that's for sure. 

As for the jeans, doesn't everyone love a mom jean? The way they fit so perfectly on pretty much every shape and size and will always been in fashion, they are such a timeless and forever on trend piece, you can pair them with anything and they are guaranteed to give your an outfit a bit of edginess.

Top | Boots | Jeans 


Sunday, 17 January 2016


This must be the new trend right? Bardot jumpers. I have seen this style of jumper floating around the internet for some time now, I already have one similar in cream but when I laid my eyes on this pretty little number in grey I knew I had to have it!

Now we are well and truly submerged into this horrid, cold weather, having chic jumpers/sweaters to keep you warm is absolutely essential! Us ladies always seem to be struggling to keep ourselves warm, so this is the perfect excuse to stock up on nice thick clothes that are going to keep you warm and cosy through the cold weather - and how better to kick off that shopping spree with looking on Missguided?

You can always rely on these guys to produce nice, chic and affordable jumpers, they take inspiration from celeb culture and put their own signature stamp on it and this jumper is one of the results. It is a fashionable and cheaper way to stay warm throughout January and February, as it is perfect for work and play. Keeping it casual with jeans and boots for shopping trips and days out with friends or some black court heels with black cigarette trousers for work.



I think I have come to that point in my life where I like to buy things that I know will still be in fashion in a couple of years time. I'm not really one for 'throw away fashion' anymore and it's nice to be able to build your wardrobe with pieces that you know you will wear for years to come. Pieces like this shirt were in fashion when my mother was younger and I am sure will still be in fashion when I am a mother because of it's simplicity.

I think you guys know how I feel about shirts, most of my wardrobe is taken up with shirts that you can quickly throw on for comfort, class and coolness - this shirt in particular adds a certain amount of sexiness to your outfit because of the beautiful material that falls around your figure in such a lovely way. For use of a better word this shirt and the material is very flattering on every shape and size. For the price too, it really is such a must-buy!

Pair this piece with whatever you like to create your desired look - here I am wearing a black leather skirt and have added a black fur jacket for that extra glam.

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