Tuesday, 8 December 2015

MAC Splurgin'

We're definitely all guilty for having a little MAC splurge now and then, right? I am yet to meet a make up lover that doesn't love MAC products.
Bronzer - Refined Gold
This is a bronzer that was recommended to me by a make up artist in the MAC shop, if I remember rightly, he said due to me wanting to put it all over my face (not just on my cheekbones) this would be a good colour to do it with. If I am completely honest I was a bit dubious because of the shimmery appearance of the product - although the make up artist did reassure me that the shimmer wouldn't show up on the skin, which it doesn't, so don't be alarmed if you prefer a more matte finish, you can still work with this product. Unlike my MAC Give Me Sun bronzer, I find that this one lasts a lot longer on the face before it starts to go patchy, I do touch my face without realising throughout the day so it is always a score when you find a product that lasts quite well on the skin - it doesn't stay on all day but I am still yet to find a bronzer that does. I have found myself reaching for this the most out of the bronzers I have because it's such a perfect colour.
Lip Pencils - Whirl, Subculture & Burgundy
We all know how well loved and raved about the MAC lip pencils are right? Literally every girl I know owns at least one or two of these bad boys. They have become a real make up necessity as of late because of the hugely popular fuller lip trend (I admit I would also love to have fuller and plumper lips but there are secret ways of doing it, without surgery) and using lip pencil is one of them. The lip pencils that I have got here are Whirl, Subculture and Burgundy - each one a much different colour to the other, one a nude (subculture), one a browny/pink (whirl) and one is a (well you guessed it) a burgundy shade, below I have swatched them so you can see what they look like on the skin.

Prep & Prime - Light Boost
Before trying this product, I had heard SO many rave reviews on how gorgeous it is, how well it does at really highlighting the under eyes and the tops of the cheeks. If you guys are anything like me and are sick of looking tired and washed out every day then I would welcome this product with arms open wide as I must say I am well impressed so far. It is super highlighting and since wearing it I have had numerous compliments on how well I look (just by simply adding some concealer), so my thinking is it must work, right!? The consistency of this concealer is great, it glides so effortlessly onto the skin and blends in like a dream.



  1. You got some really nice things! I really want to try the MAC lip liners.

    xo, Liz

  2. the bronzer sounds amazing! x



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