Wednesday, 23 December 2015

MAC Eyes | A Little Golden Sparkle

We all know how much every make up lover loves MAC and their wonderful products and we all know how much every make up lover loves a golden/warm toned smokey eye. The question is, what is more perfect than getting a quad palette with four of the most perfect colours in to create this desired look?

MAC do some of the most amazing eye shadow colours and are for sure some of the best eye shadows on the market, so when I was on a recent trip in there I picked up some products that have now become holy grail products of mine.

Do you have those certain eye shadows that you reach for every time knowing that they are going to work for you no matter what? Do you feel like you need some new ones to add to your collection?

The Palette | Buy Here
Here in this quad we have the colours Soft Brown, Swiss Chocolate, Amber Lights and Satin Taupe, with these four colours you can create various cute and simple looks depending on your mood/outfit. It is also great to have your four favourites colours in a palette like this, making it super easy to travel with and take around in a small make up bag if you're up and about with the likeliness of having to retouch your make up.

Using  the two matte shades Soft Brown and Swiss Chocolate will give you the perfect normal day to day look, with Soft Brown on the lid and Swiss Chocolate in the crease. The other two colours which are more iridescent and shimmery ones are perfect to add that little bit of sparkle to your look.

The Pigment | Buy Here
I think it is safe to say that I have become a bit more obsessed with pigments - every time I am doing my make up I am just so tempted to add that little bit of sparkle to my eye. These pigments are such perfect ways of brightening or adding a bit more glitz and glam to your look, here I have the shade Tan, which isn't overly sparkly but has a gorgeous shimmer to it. These pigments are best packed on with a flat brush (like the one below), there tends to be some fall out, so I recommend doing your concealer afterwards. These pigments stay in place perfectly when put over MAC paint pots or anything with a creamy sort of base for it to stick to.

The 233 Brush | Buy Here
I have heard from various different people and read on various different blogs how handy this brush comes in when packing on a good amount of colour on to your lid. After watching various YouTube videos and feeling rather convinced into buying it - I can say that to me, it hasn't made much of a difference or even added easiness to applying my make up. I could apply my make up easily with a brush that cost me £5 instead of over £20. It is a lovely brush but I think you ladies could save your money and buy one for less than half the price that is just as good.



  1. I really want to try a few of the pigments, they sound lovely!

    xo, Liz

  2. I also have products for the eyes that I'm forever reaching for as I know they'll work! This MAC shimmer looks so beautiful, I can absolutely imagine how the bronze shade would look on you skin tone - gorgeous!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  3. Ooh I love Amber Lights! It's gorgeous!! I love all the colors actually! Especially that taupey one!

    Shannon Sage

  4. These are so pigmented and pretty!! Surely will be checking these out.
    Great post!

    Happy Holidays

  5. These colors are fabulous! I love it!



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