Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Liz Earle Beauty | The Importance of a Skin Care Routine

I have written a couple of posts on Liz Earle beauty products before and I don't care what anyone says or thinks but I am about to write another one... Liz Earle was first introduced to me by my mother around three years ago to be exact and I can whole heartedly tell you that I have never looked back - not once.

The first product that my mum kindly showed me was the well-known and loved cleanse and polish, as I have mentioned a few times before I haven't been blessed with nicest skin, not only do I have huge pores but I do suffer with break outs, the problem area being on my chin and around my mouth. I know these kinds of spots are hormonal, so without putting drugs in my body that will no doubt mess up my hormone balance - there really isn't much I can do. This is where Liz Earle's products have helped me tremendously, by using their products I now minimise the breakouts on my face to once or twice a month instead of them being constant.

When I first started using the cleanse and polish, I had kind of come to the end of my tether regarding my skin, it weighed on my mind constantly, I was so self-conscious and it knocked my confidence so much (it still does occasionally) to the point where I actually wouldn't go out of the house if I could help it. Any of you guys reading this that have suffered with bad skin or get spots will understand how much it really plays on your mind and how the only thing that you wish for is to have clear skin? Well this is how I felt all of the time until I came across Liz Earle...

The Cleanse & Polish
After just a few days of using this I noticed a real difference with my skin and I really noticed how it had really worked it's magic at calming and soothing my break outs leaving them a lot less red and angry. The key is to use warm to hot water to rinse a muslin cloth in, after applying the cleanser and rubbing it in circular motions towards the inner part of your face, you take the muslin cloth and rinse off the residue, leaving your face feel fresh and soothed. If you are going to buy anything from Liz's range then I suggest this be the one you go for, it is their most loved and is a best-seller.

The Toner
If you speak to any beautician, blogger or make up/beauty enthusiast, they will tell you the importance of this step when doing your skin care routine, yet a lot of people seem to miss this stage out. Toning your face is a imperative and is important when you want to keep a healthy glow to your face, it removes the remainder of the oils and dirt that the cleanser failed to clean away. This toner works magic and I can really tell the difference when I use it in my routine.

The Moisturiser
When I was a lot younger I really didn't see or feel the need to keep the skin on my face moisturised, I never really thought it was necessary. I also was worried that putting moisturiser on my face would lead to oiler skin and give me more spots. Of course, this isn't how it works at all, you just need to find the right cream for you, that suits your skin type. If you are like me and have oily skin, then sticking with a light moisturiser is the best option whereas if you have dry skin that is less prone to break outs then sticking with a thick and rich moisturiser is the way forward. Liz Earle offers all kinds of moisturisers that suit every skin type, this moisturiser in particular, is light, creamy and leaves your skin feeling plump and pretty after every use, it is also the last thing that you apply to your face when doing your skin care routine.


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