Saturday, 5 December 2015

Faux Fur & Boohoo Jumper 2 Piece

This is definitely my favourite post for a long while, this is an outfit that is so comfy but so fashionable too. This outfit has taken some inspiration from the gorgeous Kendall Jenner who always smoulders with her sporty minimalistic style. I have seen photos of her rocking faux fur jackets and scarves similar to this one, so I may have taken the tiniest bit of inspiration from her - she always looks so cool and put together, she has such an effortless elegance about her, that reflects in her style so much.

It's so great when you create an outfit that looks like it has had so much more thought put into it than it actually has. Does that make sense? ha, I hope you guys know what I mean. Well this is one of those outfits - because of the different textures and materials that are going on here, the outfit looks much more layered than it actually is, which is what we want right? We want that chilled out vibe but we want to look cute at the same time! Two pieces are the best for doing this, they are such a simple ways of looking stylish with very little effort.

This fur may be one of the best purchases - it's fabulous, it's easy to wear, the colour is great and it doesn't break the bank too. Now we are approaching the colder months - this will definitely keep you warm, you can simply add it to the collar of your coat or wear it on it's own on the more milder days. FABULOUS.


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