Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Who Let The Dogtooth Out?

Monki never do a bad job when creating the most chic and simple bits. I am a massive fan of their clothes and I think I could pretty much buy my whole wardrobe from their collection if I had the money! 

Dogtooth is a pattern that never really goes out of fashion, I especially love it in black and white because it gives your outfit that perfect splash of pattern without overdoing it. Let's face it, whenever you're stuck for something to wear monochrome never lets you down and so this is the perfect jumper when you're feeling like a lazy day but you want to look stylish - it is super comfortable and surprisingly warm for a thin jumper. 

On a warmer day this jumper would look great paired with a mini skirt, tights, a leather jacket and beanie hat but because I am now feeling the cold and for the sake of this post I have paired it with trousers and trainers.

This jumper is such a simple way of jazzing your wardrobe up if you're not a massive colour lover like myself. I know everyone jumps on that bandwagon like 'oh black on black on grey, that is all I wear' but we like what we like at the end of day, right?



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