Monday, 16 November 2015

Monki | Always Grey

I think grey has become my new black, every bit of grey clothing I see online or in the shops I gravitate towards (not even meaning to). It's a good thing though, right? As grey just looks so chic and sophisticated and there are so many different variations and colours of grey, which is a plus because you don't get that luxury with black.
Now we are definitely getting into the winter (the temperature dropped so much this weekend just gone in Bedfordshire) we need more jumpers, trousers and layers. When browsing on the ASOS website I came across this gorgeous plunge V-neck jumper from Monki. It's only a thin jumper but it is so perfect for the approaching winter months. The key to staying warm and fashionable in the cold is to layer your clothes and this is the perfect jumper to do it with because it's the right thickness - that way you won't look bulky!

Here I have paired it with some formal jogging bottoms but it can be easily styled with jeans, boots, skirts and tights.


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