Friday, 13 November 2015

Keihl's Creamy Eye Treatment

At 22 years old, you'd think that worrying about wrinkles or fine lines would be the last thing on my mind, right? Wrong. It may be that since I was about 13/14 I haven't been the luckiest regarding my skin, it's dry, it's oily and it's spot-prone. Maybe three of the worst things that can happen to your face when you're a teenager (I know everyone gets spots at some stage in their life) but have you ever just felt that you were the ONLY one in your group of friends that actually suffered with spots? Well, if you do/did then I know exactly how you feel - it may be because of this fact that I have become very conscious about my skin and due doing an unruly amount of research on what makes it better, clearer and healthier etc. I have become aware that when getting into your 20's you start to notice these little fine lines around your eyes and on your forehead. They are lines that may have always been there but you're somehow picking up on them more because you're getting older? Who knows, all I know is that I want to prevent any more creeping up on my face as much as I possibly can.

As the skin around our eyes is so sensitive, the best way to treat it is to be as delicate as we possible can. When removing make up or washing and cleansing our face its best to work from the outside of the face inwards and push the skin under your eyes towards your nose (carefully though) you don't want to be pulling your under eye area around in lots of different angles when you're trying to get stubborn make up off - a mistake that I sometimes make.

Another way that you can prevent fine lines approaching your area is to use a hydrating cream - this is where I came across the much loved and talked about Keihl's Under Eye Cream, Keihl's is such a highly respected and well-loved brand that you pretty much know you're in for a treat when buying one of their products, I have especially heard so many great things about this product and why it's well worth it's hype.

It's super creamy and rich texture means it goes quite far, so you only need the smallest dab when applying it. It is best to use your ring finger for this to reduce the pulling and stretching of the skin (it is because this finger doesn't have as much strength as your forefinger and middle finger) which means it won't cause any unnecessary damage to the eye area - we like to keep the skin as firm as we possibly can ladies!

After using it for about 3 weeks I have noticed that it has made a slight difference to the dark circles that I get under my eyes - it has made them less visible and they look a lot clearer and nearer to my actual skin colour.

I personally think this is a perfect choice for someone that wants to keep their  under eyes looking good an feeling hydrated without breaking the bank, £20 for 14ml pot that is going to last you ages isn't a bad deal at all!

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  1. This sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to have to check it out as I want to start using an eye cream!

    xo, Liz


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