Saturday, 21 November 2015

Classy Look

Todays post is more of a classier and very Kim Kardashian-esque (by accident) post. I came across this top whilst on the ASOS website and I won't lie - I was instantly drawn to it. Maybe because it's black and lacey and has quite an edgy feel to it? Tops like this are simply the best because they can be worn as dressy and as casual as you like and can look completely different when pairing it with different things, for example this top paired with ripped jeans and biker boots would look very gothic and rock chick but paired with this nude midi skirt it looks the complete opposite. 
It's nice to have a top that's black (normally associated with boring plain clothes) but has so much going on with it - all the different patterns and bits of material sewn onto it give it that extra detail and edge meaning that this garment is the centre piece of any outfit, so for a classier look it is best worn with bottoms that are very plain because you don't want too much going on.
The nude midi skirt is a staple item that I feel every girl needs to own, it is such a perfect colour and works so well with everything you pair it with, whether it is dressy or casual. I feel like I am subconsciously dressing more and more like Kim Kardashian every day, which is something I thought I would never do and like I said completely accidental. ha!


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