Saturday, 28 November 2015

80s Style Babe | Christmas Party Dress Part 4

This dress wouldn't usually be something that I would go for - as if I am honest I like to stick to simple and sleek pieces on a night out however something about this dress just drew me in, there is something really quite eye catching and fabulous about it.

I can picture someone back in the 80s wearing this with massive round bright pink earrings and a half up-half down hairstyle. Putting it on feels like stepping into a bit of a time warp however the scuba material also brings something very current to the dress which I think works really well. It's a modern take on the classic one sleeve/shoulder trend that was a massive hit back in the 80s.

As this dress does most of the talking for you, it works best by keeping it simple and just pairing it with some barely there black sandals and minimal jewellery.

For being a bodycon dress it is very flattering - because of the thik material it isn't clingy in any way, which gives us ladies that don't have model like figures a great chance at wearing something we would normally steer clear from.

This dress is now out of stock but I have listed some similar ones below...


Friday, 27 November 2015

Pleather Green Slit | Christmas Party Dress Part 3

This might be my favourite look so far, everything about this dress just screams sexy and sophisticated. The length and cut of this dress means you are keeping yourself quite well covered and limits the amount of your body that you're revealing, which I think is always nice on night out. However the added side split that gives the odd glimpse of your leg makes you feel extra fabulous and somehow it managed to give me a bit of a confidence boost? ha. Missguided got it spot on here - they definitely know how to balance sexy and sophisticated.
The pleather effect makes it a bit more edgy and more appealing to a wider range of women - it is definitely something I could see Kylie Jenner wearing on the red carpet, as we all know how much that chica loves to chop and change her style from goth chic to girly girl.
Can we also have a minute to talk about the colour? Olive green, may well be the new go-to colour, it's dark (we're not a fan of bright colours over on this blog), it's flattering and it looks great on all skin tones, not to mention that it's festive - so it is also perfect for your Christmas party.
It is also in the sale at the moment! Get your hands on it while you can...


Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Golden Sparkle | Christmas Party Dress Part 2

So, here I am again with another party dress option for the up and coming party season but this time it is more of a simple style. Missguided is up there with my favourites when it comes to looking for party dresses or great pieces to wear for a night out. They have such a selection of great garments and every one of their outfits can make you look sexy and sophisticated, giving you that extra edge on your night out.
This dress is definitely a winner for any of you girls that like to keep it sweet and simple on a night out, the figure-hugging bodycon style makes for a perfect way to enhance your curves. The gold speckled detailing gives it that Christmas party vibe - so for you ladies that don't like to go the full shebang and go too glitzy with your outfit but you want to look somewhat festive then this is the perfect dress for you. The added angled fabric to the right of the dress gives it that extra edge over a plain bodycon dress, keeping it very current and sophisticated.
Let's talk about these perfect shoes from New Look for £17.99! I couldn't believe that these little babies were such a good price, they are the perfect heel and they are super super comfortable - I know some women like to say that they can wear these uncomfortable monster high heels but let's face it, most of us would prefer shoes that looked lovely and were actually comfortable, am I right?


Lace Me Up | Christmas Party Dresses

Where do I even begin to explain how beautiful this dress is? When I saw it on the missguided site I 100% knew I had to order it, it is such a lovely garment that draws attention from everyones attention from every angle.

I won't lie to you guys and say that I knew it was going to look great on because I was a bit doubtful to whether it may look as nice in the flesh - as sometimes I feel that these kind of dresses only look fabulous on the really slim models on the website but I had a pleasant surprise when it fitted perfectly and I must say, is actually very flattering. It just made me fall in love with the dress even more.

 It's perfect now we are approaching the party season too - it makes you feel like a bit of a snow queen (lolz) but you get my drift, right? What I am trying to say is that it is very Christmassy!

You don't need to wear a bra with it as it covers all of the right bits, in the right places - trust me this was another thing I was very dubious about but again I was pleasantly surprised to see that my dignity was kept in tact and everything was covered - if you need to you can always buy nipple covers (which would also be hidden perfectly).

This has to be a dress that I know every single lady will love - it is so pretty and feminine, it is perfect for any sort of party, whether it is a Christmas party, a Christening, a birthday or evern a night out on the town - whatever the occassion, you know you'll definitely look the part in this.

Purchase Here


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stella McCartney | STELLA PERFUME

You know when you get a whiff of a perfume and you absolutely LOVE the smell but you have no idea what it is? Well this was the predicament I was in for several years with this perfume, I'd smell it and be gutted every time that I didn't know what it was. 

That was until a woman that I used to work with was wearing it one day, let's just say I was little bit over the moon when I finally found out what it was called.

There's something so feminine and sexy about this scent but it also strikes me as a very grown up and successul woman smell. What I am trying to say is that it doesn't smell cheap or like you've walked out of an overgrowing floursit. It just smells so good. I know it is a bit difficult to try and explain the smell of a perfume but all I can say is, just try it, I dare you and I promise you, you will not regret it! At least go on have a good old sniff if your local department store!


Monday, 23 November 2015


Anastasia Beverly Hills is quickly becoming one of those brands that literally everybody loves, it may be due to the fact that all YouTubers, bloggers and most celebrities (the Kardashians are some of these) are massive fans of her work and her make up. I first heard of this brand when I was watching a tutorial on YouTube, I think it may have been a Desi Perkins make up tutorial - I'm not too sure. (I absolutely love her make-up tutorials, you should definitely check her out if you haven't already). Ever since watching that video, it seemed every time I watched a YouTuber, read a blog post or watched a quick video on Instagram, everybody was using Anastasia Beverly Hills products.
Whilst in America, I picked up some of her stuff in Macy's...
Starlight Highlighter - £28
When these new highlighters came out - everybody went literally crazy for them, raving about them till the cows came home and I can now see why there was such a hype. They are all SO pigmented and look so fabulous on the skin, the new collection came out in a foursome - So Hollywood, Riviera, Peach Nectar and Starlight. Starlight was the one that looked the brightest of them all and made the most amount of difference to my skin tone. This highlighter glides so effortlessly on the skin and leaves such a natural looking glow (which is what we want, right ladies?) Anastasia Beverly Hills products are such great quality and last so well on the skin too. It is a bit pricey but it would make a great Christmas present or it's great if you fancy treating yourself!
Perfect Brow Pencil - Medium Brown - £18 
I know one of the main reasons why Anastasia Beverly Hills products are raved about so much - and that's because her brow products are insanely good. Whilst in the states I noticed that every Sephora store I went into, each one had an Anastasia Beverly Hills counter - with just the eyebrow products on. I decided to go for the 'Perfect Brow' and I am so glad I did, it's like ever since I bought this product I haven't found doing my eyebrows such a chore. Like the website says - the pencil is literally everything that it's title states, the pencil glides on so well and the added spolley on the end makes it so much easier to blend away any harsh lines, leaving you with a lovely natural looking finish and there are such a wide range of colours on offer that you will definitely find your shade too.


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Classy Look

Todays post is more of a classier and very Kim Kardashian-esque (by accident) post. I came across this top whilst on the ASOS website and I won't lie - I was instantly drawn to it. Maybe because it's black and lacey and has quite an edgy feel to it? Tops like this are simply the best because they can be worn as dressy and as casual as you like and can look completely different when pairing it with different things, for example this top paired with ripped jeans and biker boots would look very gothic and rock chick but paired with this nude midi skirt it looks the complete opposite. 
It's nice to have a top that's black (normally associated with boring plain clothes) but has so much going on with it - all the different patterns and bits of material sewn onto it give it that extra detail and edge meaning that this garment is the centre piece of any outfit, so for a classier look it is best worn with bottoms that are very plain because you don't want too much going on.
The nude midi skirt is a staple item that I feel every girl needs to own, it is such a perfect colour and works so well with everything you pair it with, whether it is dressy or casual. I feel like I am subconsciously dressing more and more like Kim Kardashian every day, which is something I thought I would never do and like I said completely accidental. ha!


Friday, 20 November 2015

Roll Neck Jumper | Camel

Here we have again a post dedicated to how much I love these sleeveless roll neck jumpers, I have this jumper in 2 colours now - just because. 

These jumpers are the perfect edition to your winter wardrobe, they're perfect for when you want to dress an outfit up a little bit and they are also perfect for layering (which I think I have said before, is the key to staying fashionable and fabulous over the winter months). 

They're just so easy and comfortable to wear and pretty much go with any outfit that you decide to throw on with it. Perfect for jeans, skirts, leather trousers etc. and because of the nice thick material it will keep your torso nice and warm. 

Camel is still a wonderful colour to wear and still so popular in the fashion world, so I would definitely give this winter wardrobe staple a try and see how much you love it too. 

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