Monday, 5 October 2015

Cowboy Details | Tassel Waistcoat

The cowboy trend has never really died out completely has it? More recently though it has made a prominent come back...with pretty much everything paired with tassels, suede, leather and boots it is a little hard to get away from. This isn't a bad thing though, as the cowboy trend is loved by most and is a great trend to get into now we are approaching the colder months because it is all about layering up your shirts, waistcoats, scarfs and jackets.

As soon as I saw this little number on the ASOS site I KNEW it was going to get purchased, it is such a cute and chic way off finishing an outfit. It's a bit of clothing that can bring your whole outfit together, which is sometimes hard to find in just one piece.

This can also be worn all year round for sure, as it will be worn to death during the summer as tassels and waistcoats are hot trends every year - especially during festival season. It is also great for autumn and winter months as it can add a bit of warmth to your outfit because of the suede/leather material.



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