Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lusting List | New In

Hello everyone, just a quick post from me today - another list of gorgeous garments that I have collected over the space of a couple of weeks. I have added a few more dressy pieces in this time around, only because I am looking for an outfit for Essex next month - we're going to the Sugar Hut (which will be my first time) and we all know how super dressed up and glam you have to be for that! I hope you enjoy the pieces that I have found, they are all linked below. Have a wonderful weekend!


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Grey Coat | New In

Now that the winter months are well on their way the coats are certainly making an appearance in the wardrobe, Topshop have recently introduced their new range of coats that they are selling in pretty much every neutral colour. They are the perfect shape and are such a good price too - at £59 they are literally the perfect edition to your winter wardrobe, making winter look that little bit more glam.

This is literally the perfect coat to make every one of your winter outfits look super chic and put together. Topshop have really come up on top this year with that coat collection!



Sunday, 11 October 2015

High Necks & Knee Highs

I feel like this sort of style top is just never going to go out of fashion and everyone I know still loves this style - with a high baggy neck. It is such a perfect piece of clothing that suits all sizes because of it's squarish shape - it hides all lumps and bumps that you don't want anyone to see - (not saying that you guys have any of that but you get my drift ha).

I would say that this is a very versatile top, it can be dressed up (how I am wearing it at the moment) or it can be dressed down - with either some jeans and flats for instance. It is perfect for date night and evenings with friends.

It doesn't break the bank either, at £27 it is the perfect white piece to add to your collection to give your wardrobe that extra edgy feel.

Boots (Similar Here)


Backless Playsuit | Night Out

It's always nice to dress up occasionally and make yourself feel extra glamorous than you usually do.

My birthday is approaching and I knew I had to head to Asos to try and find a potential party outfit and to be honest you really can't go wrong with a black playsuit. They pretty much flatter all women, every shape and size, they're so simple and chic and always look great when you're stuck for something to buy or wear.

It's a formal fitting playsuit that has an extra sexy detail of an open back and a d-ring belt which goes round the back. It is a piece that is super on trend and will still be fashionable for seasons to come because of its simplicity. Here I have paired it with lace up shoes but it would also look great with knee high boots and court shoes - because it is black and simple you can pretty much wear whatever you like on your feet. 

It also doesn't have to be kept for nice wear, as I have mentioned before I love buying things that I know I'm going to get the wear out of, as I'm not really into throw away fashion (I find it a waste of money). It can be easily paired with black tights and some boots or flats for work.

Shoes (


Thursday, 8 October 2015

That Puff Jacket | Winter 2015 Trend

I think we all owned a puff/quilted jacket back in the day when we were like 10 or 11? I remember I did and I absolutely LOVED it. I remember it was gold (slightly more chavy than this one) but it was my pride and joy, I remember being excited for the cold weather just because I knew I was going to wear my coat ha!

The style of this sort of coat has definitely progressed a lot over the years, they look so much more chic and put together now then back then. Most styles now come in at the waist which gives you a bit more shape, they also don't have so much padding in them these days - so you don't feel a sumo wrestler wearing one, they look so much more flattering and the white fur around the hood gives it that extra chic appeal, as white fur is so in right now and looks great during the winter months!

This coat is SUPER SUPER warm and is ideal for the winter months, especially now they have predicted that we're going to have a really rough winter (which they always do to be honest) - but with this coat there's no need to worry.

This is brand new in, yet I can't seem to find it on the website (I bought it in the Brent Cross store) - so I have linked the green one below, which is just as nice. Hope you girls love this coat as much as I do...


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

The Eylure 'Try Lash' Smartphone App | Try on Lashes Before You Buy

If you guys are anything like me and have picked up false eyelashes in the past that look completely dreadful on then you'll understand the reason for this post...Wouldn't it be nice to actually try them on and see what they look like before you purchase them? Time after time I have picked up lashes that look completely dreadful on me and sometimes I even end up going out without wearing any because a) I look like a drag queen or b) my eyes look even smaller than they already are.

Finding false eyelashes that suit your eye shape can be quite tricky and to be honest can be a bit of chore, most of us just stick to one pair that we know suit us and never venture out into any other styles - personally for me because of my small eyes I know that the natural ones suit me best so that's what I stick to but I would like to find others that suit me too.

This is where this app for your smartphone is here to help us all out (as much as it can). It is actually a great idea - it's pretty straight forward, you take (what I have found) an unflattering photo of yourself to make sure it picks up your eyes etc. (it can take a few attempts to get it right) after lining up your eyes correctly you can then flick through all of the lashes and virtually try them on. They fall into categories depending on the type of lashes they are - the categories are lengthening, volume, definition, texture, exaggerate or dramatic.

Once you have found a pair that you think suit you can go to the next step, which tells you the number of what lashes they are - it also gives you the option to purchase them if you'd like to.

Personally I think this app is quite helpful because sometimes you spend like £6-5 on a pair of lashes that end up not looking the way you'd hoped. The best way to try and not waste money is to give them a try on beforehand - this app is free and is definitely worth the download even if you want to just try it out...


Monday, 5 October 2015

Cowboy Details | Tassel Waistcoat

The cowboy trend has never really died out completely has it? More recently though it has made a prominent come back...with pretty much everything paired with tassels, suede, leather and boots it is a little hard to get away from. This isn't a bad thing though, as the cowboy trend is loved by most and is a great trend to get into now we are approaching the colder months because it is all about layering up your shirts, waistcoats, scarfs and jackets.

As soon as I saw this little number on the ASOS site I KNEW it was going to get purchased, it is such a cute and chic way off finishing an outfit. It's a bit of clothing that can bring your whole outfit together, which is sometimes hard to find in just one piece.

This can also be worn all year round for sure, as it will be worn to death during the summer as tassels and waistcoats are hot trends every year - especially during festival season. It is also great for autumn and winter months as it can add a bit of warmth to your outfit because of the suede/leather material.



Grey Scale.. Shirts & Skirts

You ever feel like there's a type of clothing that you always wear? Like you could walk into a shop and a family member or a friend would be able to point it out "oh you would definitely wear that". Well this is exactly how I feel about this shirt, it is so up my street and so perfect for the approaching colder months because of the thick material - I just had to purchase it.

It's always good to experiment, by buying casual clothes and dressing them up - this strategy works best for me as I would say I am definitely more of a casual girl, I mean don't get me wrong I do love to dress up occasionally but I much prefer spending my money on clothes that I can wear every day instead of things that I can only wear once in a blue moon.

Basically what I am trying to say is this outfit would be perfect for a date night, a meal with friends or going on a night out. It really depends on how dressy you like to go, you can obviously wear it dressed down by going for a pair of jeans and pumps. Another way to style this shirt would be to pair it with some tight black trousers and pair of black court heels - for an extra sassy look!

It's such a flattering garment to be worn however you like - this shirt is an all round yes from me.

Silver Hoops: Topshop (New in - not on website yet but in store)


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Blush up Your Life | MAC

I have found myself lusting more and more over blushers more than any other make up recently, I never used to be a massive lover of the products that we dust over our cheeks but when I dug out my Coralista Benefit blush (that is years old - but still works great) I found myself applying it more and more and then I remembered why blushers are so important for a finished look!

I may have mentioned this in another post but I had so many comments on my make up when started using some blusher on the apples of my cheeks again, a work colleague even told me that I looked more tanned than usual (which is always a winner - right?!) ha. Wearing a blusher gives you that extra subtle glow and highlight - which everyone can do with a bit of from time to time, right?

Anyway, getting on to the blush itself... like I said, I had been actively hunting for any sort of blush that will look great on my skin tone and I decided to go with more of a matte finish. This is when I came across 'melba' from MAC, a matte pink/browny colour - this blush is the perfect product to reach for when you're not looking for a shimmery finish. I suppose you could say it fits well with the 90s look that is circulating at the moment, it almost has a nudish feel to it. I imagine this is the sort of colour Kylie Jenner would wear to compliment her nude lips. As this is a matte shade, you may want to add a highlighter on the top of your cheeks to add a bit of glow.

MAC blushes are widely loved by everyone and rightly so, the lasting power on them are brilliant and the choice of colours that you have means everyone can find the perfect shade for their skin. They are not a bad price either - £18.50 is a good for a high-end and well worth it brand like MAC.

Purchase Here

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