Sunday, 20 September 2015


The lace up collar/chest detail must be one of the biggest trends this year? Literally every where you look, every shop you go into and every fashion website you go on you will see this style of clothing.
I hadn't  invested any money in this trend till now because I have found that sometimes it can look a bit tacky, as the material can be quite thin on particular pieces however this dress really won me over, the colour and the fit is perfect for the coming autumn months and because of the faux suede material it'll be sure to keep you warmer than an ordinary cotton dress.

This is perfect for wearing on shopping days, date nights or a causal night out with friends. For a shopping date, it would look perfect paired with long boots and a fedora. I was really pleased with the price too as £18 for a dress of this quality is such a bargain, Boohoo really churn out some great pieces for such a good price! I personally love it because of the colour and the simple but chic style, it is absolutely perfect for Autumn right now.



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