Sunday, 13 September 2015

MAC Eyeshadow Palette Burgundy

All lovers of eye shadow will know that MAC offers some of the best eye shadows around. The wide spectrum of different shades and formulas that they have to offer keep make up lovers coming back for more. Like pretty much all of MAC's make up, their eye shadows are of such high quality, being super pigmented, long-lasting and very easy to blend/work with.

MAC eye shadows are quite pricey though, for one pan refill shadow that fits into a custom made palette you're looking at £10 a pop, which I think is quite a lot of money just for one eye shadow. So this is where this eye shadow palette comes in, recently MAC introduced four new smaller palettes, with each palette following a kind of colour theme. One being burgundy themed and the others being purple, amber and navy themed and each of these palettes cost £30. This has provided a way to make the eye shadows that bit more affordable so everyone can get a feel for them.

As per the title this is the burgundy palette, I chose this one because I think these are the ones that suit me the most, MAC have carefully selected their colours so that there is  palette for everyone. Below I have swatched the colours so you can see what they look like on the skin, I definitely recommend anyone that is after some MAC eye shadows on a budget, to purchase one of these palettes, they are well worth the price!

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  1. Love the colours, perfect for fall, might have to purchase!
    Love Lauren! Xx

  2. This palette looks so gorgeous, and for £30 this is such a steal :) I love the range of shades and this palette just screams autumn, fab post hun :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

  3. This palette is on my wishlist right now, it's so beautiful and perfect for fall!

    xo, Liz


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