Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lovin' The Sheer

This outfit sort of makes me feel a lot more cooler than I actually am, ha. Then again, I guess that's what clothes are for right? To give us confidence and show our more daring side... I think I go in and out of phases with the whole sheer thing, sometimes it looks great and then sometimes it doesn't do me any favours but I really liked this one.

I do think that sheer garments are meant for dressier occasions, they add that extra sex appeal to an outfit that you would perhaps want for a night out on the town or for a special date night. Here I've kind of toned the outfit down a bit by adding a denim skirt, making it more casual. If you wanted to make the look a bit more dressier, adding a leather or pencil skirt instead would definitely do the trick.

This bodysuit was such a bargain find on the boohoo website, again this is another website where they always come up trumps with cheap and cheerful pieces to jazz up your wardrobe a bit. This is a skirt that I have had for some while and found on eBay for under £1 if I remember correctly.

The knee-high boots are coming back out of the wardrobes now we are heading into the cooler weather, they are such a statement piece that every girl needs in their wardrobe, they can dress up the most dull outfit and give you that extra edge.


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