Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Clinique | Take The Day Off

So I took the plunge and bought this product after hearing such good things about it. I'd heard a lot of beauty lovers were really keen on this product and how much it really works at getting off your make up and the general daily grub that builds up on your face.

I was really looking for something that could become a first cleanse for me in the evenings before I used my trusty Liz Earle cleanse and polish - because I began to feel that I wasn't getting the full benefits of cleansing my face with this product as it was just taking my make up off and the goodness of Liz Earle wasn't getting into my skin as much as I wanted.

There's so many blog posts and great write ups about cleansing balms and how they are really great for the skin so I was really keen to try it. I am trying my best to prevent any wrinkles and unwanted dryness to my face so I thought this might do the trick however I unfortunately didn't get on very well with this product at all, after 1-2 days of using it I found my chin quickly broke out in big painful under the skin spots, at first I thought it might be down to just changing my routine around but I hadn't suffered with big angry spots like that for some while and after digging deeper for more reviews I found that a lot of women had had the same problem.

This product is really great for the likes of people who have dry skin because it leaves your skin feeling intensely moisturised and so decreases the appearance of fine lines and leaves your face feeling a bit firmer but for you ladies that have more oily and spot prone skin I would say try and avoid this product, just because it is not fun having break outs that could be avoided!


Thursday, 24 September 2015

Complexion Rescue | Bare Minerals

After being a bare minerals veteran for quite some time and being thorouhgly impressed with the quality and the high coverage that the powder foundation offers me, I decided to take the plunge and buy the complexion rescue after hearing such rave reviews.

This gel is a combination of all things that we like for our skin, hydration, SPF and bit of coverage so you don't feel completely naked walking out the door. Every review I have read of this I have found that everyone has something really great to say about the formula.

First and foremost bare minerals is a brand that I completely trust when it comes to make up because as I am sure I have mentioned before, I am a really lucky lady and suffer with quite fierce break outs from time to time (currently going through one right now). Before I used bare minerals foundation I would say that my break outs were constant, as soon as one spot cleared up I had another two on there way to populate my chin, which as you can imagine isn't fun for anyone. Bare minerals really helped to clear my skin up and give me the coverage that I needed.

So you can imagine I was overjoyed to hear of a new product that is supposed to help your skin even more than the foundation does... When I first tried this product I loved it, it glides on the skin so nicely and creates a perfect dewy shield between your face and the atmosphere. I noticed a real difference in my skin after just using it - the faint lines on my forehead and around my eyes seemed to slowly disappear day by day due to the moisture my face was now receiving.

I was a bit gutted and disheartened as this product did make me break out but I spoke to lady at the bare minerals make up counter and she assured me that it is probably my skin getting used to the product and told me to persevere with it. I am still using it and at the moment I am just avoiding the area around my chin (my zit zone) because I love how hydrating it is for my skin, if you suffer with super dry skin or need to inject some moisture into your face the safe way then I would really give this a go!

Purchase Here


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lovin' The Sheer

This outfit sort of makes me feel a lot more cooler than I actually am, ha. Then again, I guess that's what clothes are for right? To give us confidence and show our more daring side... I think I go in and out of phases with the whole sheer thing, sometimes it looks great and then sometimes it doesn't do me any favours but I really liked this one.

I do think that sheer garments are meant for dressier occasions, they add that extra sex appeal to an outfit that you would perhaps want for a night out on the town or for a special date night. Here I've kind of toned the outfit down a bit by adding a denim skirt, making it more casual. If you wanted to make the look a bit more dressier, adding a leather or pencil skirt instead would definitely do the trick.

This bodysuit was such a bargain find on the boohoo website, again this is another website where they always come up trumps with cheap and cheerful pieces to jazz up your wardrobe a bit. This is a skirt that I have had for some while and found on eBay for under £1 if I remember correctly.

The knee-high boots are coming back out of the wardrobes now we are heading into the cooler weather, they are such a statement piece that every girl needs in their wardrobe, they can dress up the most dull outfit and give you that extra edge.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lace It Up | Jumper

As soon as I laid my eyes on this little beauty, I knew it was a purchase I just had to make. It's coming in to Autumn, it's grey, it's cropped and it has the fancy lace up detail on the front, what else could you possibly want in a piece of clothing?  It's such a perfect little purchase and something that will be getting well and truly rinsed throughout the Autumn time.

This is what I love about missguided, you can really get such great unique bits for such a reasonable price, they have really come on leaps and bounds recently with their new styles and great colour palettes. I have found lots of gorgeous things on their website recently but this jumper is up there with some of my favourites.

Now, let's talk about the skirt... I think I have a love-hate relationship with Zara, you pick up some things and they can be unexpectedly ridiculously expensive for what they are or you can pick up things that you think are going to be at least £40 (like this skirt) and you have a quite a pleasant surprise realising it is under the £30 mark. I can not recommend this skirt enough as I am so pleased with the way it fits, the feel, the cut and the colour. It is so perfect for Autumn as green is set be a big this coming season. This skirt also comes in further four colours as far as I know, I definitely think another purchase of a different colour is on the cards for me, you really can't go wrong with a faux leather skirt!



Monday, 21 September 2015

Let Flowers Lead the Way...

I know that we're well and truly moving into autumn and winter now but as soon as I laid my eyes on this dress, I just knew I HAD to have it. This dress has ticked so many boxes for me, I have been looking for one like this for some time and every other one that I have tried on similar to this either doesn't fit right, the colours don't look good on me or it is too long (the problem I seem to have the most, being 5ft3 and all).

It is the perfect girly girl meets gothic chick dress, the dominant colour obviously being black attracts the non-colour wearers to this piece and also attracts the girly girls to try something a bit different and out of their comfort zone.

Everyone loves a kimono, so why not love a kimono style dress? It is perfect for the back end of summer, especially if you have any late year holidays to look forward to (like myself, yay!). It can be perfectly worn with tights, boots and a leather jacket to make it into an autumn/winter outfit, pairing it with said garments also gives it that extra edge.

I don't know about you but I still see girls wearing dresses and skirts all through winter, tights can be just as warm as jeans I find.



Sunday, 20 September 2015


The lace up collar/chest detail must be one of the biggest trends this year? Literally every where you look, every shop you go into and every fashion website you go on you will see this style of clothing.
I hadn't  invested any money in this trend till now because I have found that sometimes it can look a bit tacky, as the material can be quite thin on particular pieces however this dress really won me over, the colour and the fit is perfect for the coming autumn months and because of the faux suede material it'll be sure to keep you warmer than an ordinary cotton dress.

This is perfect for wearing on shopping days, date nights or a causal night out with friends. For a shopping date, it would look perfect paired with long boots and a fedora. I was really pleased with the price too as £18 for a dress of this quality is such a bargain, Boohoo really churn out some great pieces for such a good price! I personally love it because of the colour and the simple but chic style, it is absolutely perfect for Autumn right now.



Friday, 18 September 2015


Hello everyone, just a quick look from me today. I have noticed that the thick halter neck is very much back in full swing fashion, this especially reminds me of the 90s era. This whole look just reminds me of the spice girls if I am honest. This is a style of dress that is very popular and flattering, for women that are short, tall, curvy or thin - it conceals any lumps or bumps that you don't want to be seen because of the loose shitft fitting and is perfect for a date night or to hit the town in.

I have seen a lot of dresses that have been styled like this lately, with the thick straps and tie up halter necks. Below I have listed this dress and some other similar ones so you can recreate this look!



Tuesday, 15 September 2015

New In | Fashion Bits, ASOS, Missguided & Topshop

Hi guys, I hope you are all well? Just a quick post from me today as I'd just like to show you some bits that I have been lusting over this past week/fortnight. Now we are getting into the full swing of autumn we are being blessed with all the greens, browns and greys - the perfect fall colours. Below you will find some dressy and some more casual bits that are all SO perfect for the approaching weather, whether you are out on the town or grabbing a casual bite to eat, hope you enjoy...


Monday, 14 September 2015

New In NARS | Little Splurge

Nosing at the NARS counter is always an exciting experience if you're a make up junky, the way they lay out their vast collection of matte lips and gorgeous blushers in store thrills me way too much, maybe a bit more than it should do? Their sleek and stylish matte black packaging makes me want to cherish every make up piece that I buy from there (keeping them in their boxes) because I don't want to get any of it dirty - so so sad, I know.

Going off on a massive tangent as usual... back to the make up. I decided to purchase the 'orgasm' blush because all I have heard about this product is how wonderful it is, how it suits pretty much all skin types and tones. It has now been stated that NARS are now selling one of these blushers every minute, so I knew this was the time and place to get my hands on one.

This product has also been dubbed the beauty cult favourite because of its immense popularity and I would say it's title is well deserved - as it brightens, highlights and gives your skin that extra rosy glow, which is everything that you want and need in a blusher. It is super pigmented and is well worth the money - if you're looking for a high-end blusher to kick start or spruce up your make up collection then I would definitely recommend this one.

Another product that I managed to pick up whilst at the NARS counter, was the crystal light-reflecting translucent powder, which I had also heard great things about.  Throughout the day my make up tends to wear off and my face becomes incredibly shiny, I was informed that using a translucent setting powder on my face would decrease the shiny-ness and make my foundation last longer. I decided to give this one a go because after watching a few YouTubers and other bloggers claim that this is one of their holy grail products I wanted to see if it would do the same for me.

It is the last thing that you apply when doing your make-up, by simply dusting a smallish amount on all over the face with a large brush, fine little lines and pores fade away leaving your skin feeling and looking a lot smoother. I found that my make up stayed on longer and my shiny t-zone remained nice and smooth for the much longer than usual, I can definitely see myself reaching for this product every day.

House of Fraser also have a deal on at the moment, when you buy another beauty product along with this blush you get the blusher for £13 instead of £23, such a bargain!

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