Tuesday, 18 August 2015

You What? More Culottes?

Culottes are so in right now, to be honest with you I think they're here for the long run. They are the perfect addition to your English summer wardrobe and will definitely be keeping up appearances throughout the autumn. If any of you guys are like me and like to keep things simple but get sick of wearing jeans and trousers all the time, then culottes are definitely a great alternative and keep you looking consistently chic.

I must admit I was a bit weary when ordering these from the Topshop sale because sometimes, bottoms that are of this cut can make short girls (like myself) look bigger than what we are but thankfully, they fit like a glove and happen to be quite flattering. (I hope!)

I've decided to pair them with a white top, this is perfect day out/date night attire, this outfit is of smart/casual dress code which is perfect for pretty much all occasions. The shoes are such a perfect purchase for anyone who like myself needs a little bit of height but isn't keen on wearing heels throughout the day. They are a perfect shoe to wear from day to night and are super comfortable, which I was pleasantly surprised at...



  1. Love the whole look! I've been a bit reluctant to try culottes at this length as I don't have much height but they look great on you, might have to try some!

    1. aw thankyou chick! yeah they are great for us short gals! haha xx

  2. Nearly bought these today but didn't look nearly as good as you do! Love how you kept the look minimal but so stylish
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