Friday, 24 July 2015

Ways To De-Stress Your Life

I know, I know, yet another post on how to de-stress your life, get rid of the overthinking habit and how to gain complete relaxation of your body before you get into bed. I must click on every single one of these posts when I come across them, hoping that I am going to find or read something that I haven't come across before, that might help with the what feels like the unstoppable force of nervousness and anxiety.

When we were younger all we wanted to do was grow up but now looking back we realise how easy we all had it. Literally nothing to worry about apart from our toy collections and the kid's TV guide. As we get older we unfortunately become subject to things in life that can stress us out or make us feel very nervous. Here are a few ways that I know can help with de-stressing and relaxing.

Have a bath - It sounds pretty straight forward, right? but just by simply laying in nice warm water with no one else around can give us peace of mind for a while. Try lighting a candle or two or using your favourite bath scents.

Reading- This is one that a lot of people will say does help with de-stressing and relaxation. I have found that it doesn't help me completely relax however reading before bed can make your eyes tired, which then helps with falling asleep quicker than you normally would (if you're someone that finds themselves awake at silly o'clock just overthinking.)

Cleaning - Now this one, I don't expect most of you will be jumping for joy at the excitement of tidying your room or sorting out your wardrobe but I can not tell you how doing something productive like this helps clear your mind. Whether it be that you clean your car, or simply order your DVD collection, de-cluttering your life has a positive effect on everyone.

Get a hobby - Now this may be the opposite of relaxing but putting all that unwanted stressful and anxious energy into something else could help make you feel so much better. Sorts of things like going to the gym, taking up a sport, joining a book or a drama club. Anything that is outside your comfort zone and can help you channel your anxiety or stress into something positive is worth a shot.

Writing a journal/diary - This may seem like a bit pointless or something that you haven't got time to do however a lot of evidence suggests that writing your woes, your general life events and things that you need to do into some sort of diary, has a great and healthy impact on ones wellbeing. Putting pen to paper and writing down all the things that are on your mind can relieve a large amount of stress.


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Benefit Roller Lash

I feel like I am very late to the party with this, a lot of people and bloggers have raved and raved about this mascara, saying that it is the most amazing one they have tried, that it works wonders...

I would like to write this post and tell you that these views are not wrong, it does in fact work really well. I am not someone that was blessed with great lashes - they're quite short and if I'm not wearing any mascara they look somewhat non-existent. This is where this mascara does a lot for me (which let me tell you, says a lot about the mascara!)

I'll tell you the truth, I was hesitant in buying this mascara because I'm not usually a fan of the plastic applicators because I feel (like most girls) that they never get enough of the product on the applicator to coat your lashes properly - the normal thought I guess is that the more you have on the applicator  means the more of the product is going on your lashes, which then means longer and thicker looking eyelashes, right? Well I tell you something, this mascara definitely proves that theory wrong, even when it doesn't look like there's a great deal of product on the brush - you get a fabulous finish.

There is only one way I apply mascara - I put on a couple of coats, leave my lashes for 5-10 minutes then go back in with some more.  This mascara worked an absolute treat this way, I could really see a big difference between this mascara and other mascaras, in the past I have tried other brands such as YSL, Rimmel, MAC and Bare Minerals and none of them have worked as well as this mascara.

This mascara comes at an average price for a high-end product of £19.50, which I do feel is a bit pricey for make-up but then you really do get what you pay for, this will 100% be getting repurchased from me.

Monday, 20 July 2015

Ready to Wear Minimal

Formal wear with minimal and contrasting colours is something that is surging forward in the fashion industry, particularly clothing that makes one stand out in a professional manner. There are huge influences in the fashion world right now that numerous people look up to for their inspiration, Kim Kardashian and Victoria Beckham are just two of the women I can think of that rock this style well.

So let's talk about the outfit, I have decided that I now have a new found love for grey-scaling my outfits. I love that in pretty much every shop you can find lots of variations of greys, I think this is great - as it is a very flattering colour on pretty much everyone. It's not as boring as wearing black every day can be - and it's a tone down for the daring fashionista's who pride themselves in wearing bright colours. What I am trying to say is, a bit of grey is good for everyone.

Skirt: Old


Friday, 17 July 2015

Festival Inspired

Hi guys, firstly let me say sorry for the lack of posts recently, I plan to get straight back to where I left off, I have been very busy - bagged myself a new job which I'm so happy about! Anyway, moving on with the post...

I love it when it comes to this time of year, being induced into this mist of festival season and festival fashion. Festival fashion is my all time favourite, you can pretty much get away with wearing anything that you like to a festival and no one really questions it, I feel its the perfect time to really be as creative as you want. - Although I haven't been overly creative with the colour this year (as you can tell)

Let me start with the skirt, I fell in love with this as soon as I laid my eyes on it, I love the tassels and the wrap over detailing - I think it is the perfect tassel number for your summer wardrobe. I picked up this wrap top from American Apparel, it is the best fitting wrap top like this that I have found - because of the thicker more sturdy material it holds you in really well (better than any other wrap tops I have tried). The sandals are a wonderful purchase - probably the best shoe purchase I have made all summer, you can't go wrong with this stylish lace up sandal!



Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Bare Minerals Illuminating Primer

Now, I have been a huge fan and a consistent wearer of the bare minerals foundation for a long time, it must be coming up for nearly 3 years now, a long the way I have tried the different primers that go hand in hand with this foundation...

The illuminating one is the most recent purchase of mine and I must say I am very impressed so far. Unlike the other primers I have tried in the past including the neutralizing and the original one, this one leaves my skin looking very dewy and it certainly does what it says on the packet - it brightens your face up - something that I have needed lately due to the dullness of my skin.

I definitely notice whenever I change over any products that I use on my face, my skin slightly breaks out, I did have the same scenario with this one but it died down after a couple of days.

I know most people have this dilemma when switching products and everyone reacts completely different to certain products but realistically when using mineral make up - the breakouts should be minimal and it definitely was minimal.

The reason why the bare minerals primers sell so well is because you pretty much have to use some sort of primer on your face for the foundation to go on nicely and stay on all day. - this does the trick completely, it gives the foundation immense sustaining power and makes the foundation last all day, I have even come back after a night out with my make-up being on for 12+ hours and it has been still pretty much in tact.

This is my favourite primer I have used from the bare minerals collection, it's orangey, sparkly colour and creamy consistency glides on the face to leave your skin looking brighter and fresher than ever - you can see from the picture below where I have rubbed it in on my hand that it leaves a lovely summery glow.

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