Sunday, 7 June 2015

White Dresses & Long Walks

Hello everyone, I hope you're all enjoying the lovely weather and have had a lovely weekend so far... White summer dresses are a thing that never go out of fashion and they are so perfect for summer and spring, they also appeal to a wide range of women who like to mix up their style a bit. A white dress can be made rather grungey or it can be made rather girly, it really depends on how you accessorize it and what your personal style is. There are so many put out on the market when the summer months arrive, I've seen a fair few that are lovely, this one is relatively cheap and cheerful and from one of my all time favourite stores.. Zara.

I've paired it with a faux leather gilet and my trusty faux Birkenstocks from H&M, I honestly haven't stopped wearing these, they're so comfortable and easy to wear. I wouldn't recommend wearing them whilst trekking up and down hills though, I made this mistake when I went on a walk, I was sliding all over the place - not chic.



  1. Lovely outfit! Definitely need to check H&M out for those shoes. I've been wanting a pair of birkenstocks but these look like a great alternative

    1. They deffo are! Sooooo comfortable and worth it :) only 15 squids as well! xx

  2. Love this look! I definitely need to get myself a white summer dress this year!
    I've nominated you for the SOTW blogger award which you can check out here
    Love your blog!

    Sophie x
    That's Groovy blog

    1. Aww that's lovely of you! :) thanks very much! I've got a long way to go but i'm getting there I guess :) ill check yours out too!!! xx


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