Sunday, 28 June 2015

Frilly Dresses

Girly, frilly dresses like this are a guilty pleasure of mine, especially when it comes to the summer months, you can accessorize this sort of garment to any sort of way that you like, so it appeals to all strokes of fashion gurus whether you are a girly girl or you like to mix it up a bit with frills and converse, then this sort of dress is for you.

I find that I go for clothes that suit any kind of body shape, a given yes, that someone who has a quite large boobage area wouldn't be able to wear a dress like this without completely spilling out of it but for all other girls this dress would look right on most shapes and sizes.

This type of dress would also be perfect for a date night - wearing it with fancy shoes and a cute clutch but it would also work great for a festival - wearing it with your hunters and flower crowns, it's a perfect little dress for all occasions really.

Shoes: Converse
Jacket: Charity Shop Find


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