Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner

Now, I tell you when the rumours of this first surfaced last year, I honestly thought it was all a load of rubbish. "Bruce Jenner turning into a woman?! Nooooo". I really thought "Wow, the paparazzi and the media are really making up some sh*t about this poor man."

WELL, it really does go to show that anything can happen, you'd never have thought someone like Bruce Jenner a decathlon gold-medallist would later on in life be referred to as a "she". It goes to show that in some cases you really don't know what people are hiding in their closets and you never know what pain someone is going through.

I would like to firstly say, that Caitlyn, actually looks rather amazing, I'll be honest and say that I wasn't expecting her to look so classy and quite so feminine. The pictures of her are lovely and she should be pleased with her cover of Vanity Fair. I think she has been very brave to do what she has done and come out to the world like she has.

There are two ends to this rather extraordinary and interesting tale, one end being that Caitlyn has opened the minds of many people around the world, using her platform as a way to bring light to the growing struggle for many transgender people and show that there is more to someone than just their sexuality/gender and how they portray themselves on the outside. On the other end of the scale there are the questions that many of people are asking. If this was something you have wanted for a very long time and knew your whole life that it was something you wanted to do, why get married 3 times? Why have children? Why put your family through this traumatic experience? Is she doing this for attention, to gain worldwide fame? (even more famous than she already is)

I know it's hard for all of us looking in from the outside to be able to say what is going on in Caitlyn's head and I for one have no objection to someone being free and being themselves but you can see it from a perspective that putting your family and friends through such an ordeal, can be seen to be somewhat selfish. I do believe that as a father to 10 children, she has a huge responsibility and has a lot at stake. Knowing that going through this change could have potentially resulted in family members or friends not speaking to her makes this situation very tough.

I do believe that Caitlyn Jenner has done a lot of good and moved a lot of people with her story but there has obviously been a lot of heartache and pain a long the way.

What do you think about Caitlyn Jenner? Comment below, I'd love to hear what you think...



  1. Another great, well written and thoughtful post. I'm in agreement that Caitlyn has done a lot to boost the cause of transgender issues, which is always a bonus, however, as you mention as what cost? In terms of the look, this cover is a lot fresher and younger than recent TV appearances, make up can do wonders granted, but is there a touch of photo shop at play?

    1. Agreed! We will definitely see how nice she looks once she steps out in public for the first time, magazine covers can be deceiving!


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