Thursday, 25 June 2015

70's Denim Stylin'

How nice is this dress!? This was something that was definitely inspired by the 70's mini dress craze, it has a  sort of fit of a shift dress, which I find to be flattering on most shapes (which is what we want girls don't we!?). The zip detail adds a bit of 'edgeyness' and gives the dress that quirky style.

I find that silver zips, buttons etc. and denim go really well together, I find that any bit of clothing that has this combination of colours or textures I am drawn to no matter what!

This dress has proved to me that it is perfect, something that is easy to throw on but looks so chic, I mean that's all we want really isn't it ladies? Something comfortable, effortless and cute and it certainly ticks all those boxes.

It is a piece that can be worn by itself in the summer/spring but it can also be versatile when coming towards the colder months by just adding a black roll neck jumper underneath with a pair of tights. - (I know we don't want to think of them yet but unfortunately they will come around and it's always best to be prepared right...?)

The combination of the collar, zip, the pockets and the dark denim makes this dress a charming choice for your wardrobe!

Shoes: Primark


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