Monday, 11 May 2015

More Matte Lips and The 217 Brush

I don't know what it is with matte lipsticks but I think I'm hooked, I just can't get enough of them, to be honest I just can't get enough of MAC lipsticks in general, they're reasonable priced for a higher end brand and they're such good quality and there is such a wide spectrum of colours. The list of why I love them could go on and on... 
Recently though, I purchased this gorgeous colour 'Kinda Sexy' and honestly it is what it says on the label, it's such a sweet colour, I would still class it as a nude lipstick but there's a lot more pinky tones in this one compared to the likes of Honey Love or Velvet Teddy.

This has become my new go-to colour, I haven't stopped wearing it since I bought it. If you're looking for a pretty lipstick shade then I would say something like this is definitely your best bet, I mean saying that, every shade from MAC is lovely. *sighs*

Now moving on to the eye shadow brush, everyone that is anyone in the make-up world raves and raves about this brush, the '217'. So when I was in MAC last time, I caved and I bought one, not only because it has been so highly recommended but as well because I feel like I needed an eye shadow brush that does a better job than my old one was doing. I do think I need to get to grips with it a bit more however it is a better at blending and its got a lot more oomph to it than all the other brushes I have used in the past, by this I mean it doesn't take long for the colours on my eyes to merge nicely together, the bristles aren't pathetic and it's just a pretty looking brush.

 I will say it is quite expensive, £19.50 in my eyes is quite steep, although I do like to think things like this are a treat and hopefully we will reap the benefits of paying a price like this, because the likes of me and you, who aren't make up artists but like the odd, casual  and high-end indulgence will get a lot of use out of it.



  1. I love matte lipsticks and this looks like such a pretty shade! Great post :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. I was like you and really hesitant about the price, because I really wasn't sure if it was a hyped product that people only said was good because others did, but it's honestly the best brush I've ever bought! I think the 266 is next on my list for eyeliner!

    Fab post :)
    Hannah x

  3. Yeah, it is a bit expensive but like you said, so worth it. I've used it this morning and my eyeshadow went great! :) Thanks for the comment! xx


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