Saturday, 30 May 2015


Just a quick one again today guys, I hope you are all well...

As I mentioned earlier in another blog post, I recently bought some lovely new KIKO cosmetics, I decided to give these all a go because I had heard so many good reviews about them and how they are well worth the monies...

Today I bring you two products, one long-lasting eye shadow stick, which is looooovely and then a black liquid eye liner, which has become my best friend over the past 2 weeks.

So let me start with the shadow stick, ok so silvery/white isn't normally the colour I would go for as I am more of a warm neutrals kinda gal than a cool neutrals one but I branched out because I don't want to feel like I am buying the same colour eye products over and over again. Overall I'm pretty pleased that I decided to go for this colour, it is an excellent inner corner highlighter and is also great to add underneath the eyebrows to bring just a bit more shine to the eye. It last ages and is so easy to blend, I would say it is easily a dupe of the 'By Terry Ombre Blackstar'. I would love to see what the golden tones are like in this, as I feel I would maybe get more use out of them, it's still a lovely product though and I would still recommend purchasing. I think I will definitely be getting a few more colours to add to my collection for £6.90 a pop.

The eyeliner - WELL, I do love my eyeliners and this sort of shape applicator I find the easiest to use, you can really get the liner angled exactly how you want it and your flick or wing looking im-a-culate. It dries quickly and comes off easily when taking your make up off, everything that you need and love in one tiny little bottle. - highly recommend this little bad boy!

Shadow Stick



  1. These products look great, I'll have to check them out!

    xo, Liz

    1. They definitely are worth checking out :) x


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