Thursday, 7 May 2015

Denim Forever

Wow these pictures make me feel a bit depressed, these were taken when it was warmer on Monday, when the sun was actually shining.. It's supposed to be May!? Why's it so cold all of a sudden!?
Anyway, this dress is something that I picked up from Topshop on Sunday when I went to Westfield, I feel like this bleached denim has been in fashion for a longgggg time and I don't see it going out of fashion any time soon, personally I love bleached denim. It's a piece that will get a lot of use in the summer weather because let's face it, living in Britain, we can't say we're guaranteed hot sunshine so this can be for those warm cloudy days. (which we're going to have more of than hot sunny days, I'm sure) It's a bit of clothing that you'll be able to wear come winter with tights too.
The slides are a rip off the Birkenstock but they're so worth it, for £15 they look so chic and finish off any summery outfit, they're also quick to put on and comfortable. - always a winner when you're in a rush and want to look cool. :)
Bag: Topshop



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