Friday, 15 May 2015

Culottes Are Everything

OMG! What has the weather been like this week, typical bloody English weather, you can rely on it to be rainy and cold on day and sunny the next. Hopefully this outfit post brings a bit more sunshine to your day...
Culottes are everywhere at the moment, and I LOVE it. They are the perfect statement piece of clothing, they're something a bit different to trousers or jeans therefore (mixing your outfit up a little bit), they're also perfect for spring because if you hadn't already guessed English weather is soooo unpredictable, so I have found, that they are warm enough to wear when it's a little bit chilly but cool enough to wear when the sun is shining.
I have seen many different sorts about, there are the jersey material, silky material, denim and even suede, some being more forgiving and easier to move in and some being more hard-wearing so you aren't able to move so freely in them. Whatever kind of material or whatever kind of length and style that you go for it is more than likely going to be very flattering, especially on us shorter gals. Showing our ankles makes us look that bit taller, which is always a bonus in my eyes!
These specific ones are very easy to move in because they are a wide leg cut and made from a silky material. You feel like you're wearing pyjamas because they're so comfy... and, and, AND they are striped. even. friggin'. better. 

Trousers: Zara
Top: Missguided (old)
Shoes: H & M
Sunglasses: Matalan (old)



  1. I abolutely love this outfit!! You have persuaded me to get a pair of the culottes they are so lovely and haven't seen any in a print like them! I totally agree, culottes are so nice to wear to change your style up a bit instead of wearing jeans all the time!


    1. Aww im glad! :) they have so many other kinds of patterns in Zara too! :) xx

    2. Ooh good, I need to take a look :) xx

  2. I looooooove this! Is it weird that I sort of think your hair brings it together perfectly?? The gradual increase of lightness through your hair is replicated through the outfit and YES. I LOVE IT. I wish I had the figure to wear trousers like that! I love the chilled look of them on others :)

    Hannah x

    1. sorry! ive only just seen this comment! Thanks very much lol, funny you say that cos im dying my hair back brown on the weekend! lol! :) your blog is fab btw! xx

  3. Absolutely love this outfit. The culottes are amazing! So flattering on you too!

    Rachel & Nikki xoxo


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