Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A-Lining It

Hey guys, I hope you are all well? The weather really wants to keep playing tricks on us doesn't it? I woke up yesterday and it was absolutely chucking it down and then it was warm again by the afternoon and now as I am typing this it is pouring again. Urgh! Where are you sunshine!?
You really wouldn't guess that we are half way through May already, it still feels like it should be March or February not May, time is really flying and the weather is still poo! *cries* anyway, enough of me moaning and more of me talking about this look... What do we love more than skirts? A-Line skirts, they are the most flattering shape skirt, that literally any shape, height or width can pull off.
My mum has mentioned to me quite a few times how she had a skirt like this when she was my age or a bit older, I bet all of our mums did? & I bet they have all said to us "Omg, I had one just like that!". SO annoying that they didn't keep these items of clothing isn't it? I think this is why I'm a slight hoarder when it comes to clothes, cos you never know when something is gonna come back in fashion, or when you will need/want to wear it again! I mean how much cooler would it be if we could wear our mum's hand me downs? Then you're more likely going to have a unique piece.

These skirts have done a full circuit and have come back into fashion (like everything does really) and they are PERFECT for spring and summer, this one is from Topshop, priced at £28, which is very reasonable in my eyes, especially for Topshop, the shirt is another piece from Zara.

Skirt: Topshop
Shirt: ZARA
Shoes: H&M




  1. Such a cute outfit! And I get what you mean there's so many things coming back in fashion from decades ago that it would be cool to have our mothers' pieces


  2. The button up skirts are so pretty, looks great on you! - My mom has given me a few pieces of hers from the 70's and they are one of a kind, thats what I love about vintage, everything comes back into fashion again!



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