Saturday, 30 May 2015


Just a quick one again today guys, I hope you are all well...

As I mentioned earlier in another blog post, I recently bought some lovely new KIKO cosmetics, I decided to give these all a go because I had heard so many good reviews about them and how they are well worth the monies...

Today I bring you two products, one long-lasting eye shadow stick, which is looooovely and then a black liquid eye liner, which has become my best friend over the past 2 weeks.

So let me start with the shadow stick, ok so silvery/white isn't normally the colour I would go for as I am more of a warm neutrals kinda gal than a cool neutrals one but I branched out because I don't want to feel like I am buying the same colour eye products over and over again. Overall I'm pretty pleased that I decided to go for this colour, it is an excellent inner corner highlighter and is also great to add underneath the eyebrows to bring just a bit more shine to the eye. It last ages and is so easy to blend, I would say it is easily a dupe of the 'By Terry Ombre Blackstar'. I would love to see what the golden tones are like in this, as I feel I would maybe get more use out of them, it's still a lovely product though and I would still recommend purchasing. I think I will definitely be getting a few more colours to add to my collection for £6.90 a pop.

The eyeliner - WELL, I do love my eyeliners and this sort of shape applicator I find the easiest to use, you can really get the liner angled exactly how you want it and your flick or wing looking im-a-culate. It dries quickly and comes off easily when taking your make up off, everything that you need and love in one tiny little bottle. - highly recommend this little bad boy!

Shadow Stick


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Maxi Stripes

Recently, if you hadn't guess the stripe craze has really made an imprint on me ha. Anything and everything striped draws me in. Stripes do look great on everyone though, your whole outfit can look way more chic and cooler just by adding stripes.

This dress is all round awesome piece, the cut and length are great and it is comfortable yet so chic. It will suit any sort of shape and will look flattering on anyone, it is also perfect for the approaching beer garden evenings. I feel like this is quite a universal piece too, that appeals to all sorts of girls who are into all sorts of different styles whether you like your more grungey looks or your more girly, I definitely think this is a good pick. This will 100% be making a few appearances throughout the summer on me.

The sunglasses are a recent purchase from Topshop, this shape and style is everywhere at the moment, I absolutely love them and think that they can go with pretty much any outfit.

Do you guys love stripes as much as I do?

Shoes: Converse
Bag: Topshop (slightly old)


Monday, 25 May 2015

Bronze Me Up for Summer: KIKO Cosmetics

 Another quick one from me today guys, I hope you are all well and have enjoyed the long weekend...
 KIKO cosmetics is a line of make-up that I have only recently got into, I was always under the impression that it was around about the same price as MAC (which sometimes can be quite pricey), well... I was pleasantly surprised to learn that KIKO make up is reasonably priced and actually considerably cheaper than MAC. It's nice to find make up brands that are at around the middle mark with the price range that have the look and pay off of an expensive line.
I went ahead and bought a few things, this bronzer being one of them, they had a selection of I think about 6 different colours of bronzer, some more orange brown tones and some ashy brown tones. The colour that I decided to go for 101 (Spicey Brown) because I think this is best for my skin tone, obviously there is a colour for every sort of skin tone, so if you are lighter skinned or darker skinned, there is a shade for you. This particular bronzer is matte, which if I'm honest I do prefer, it does depend on what sort of look that you're going for but I think matte bronzer works well when you like to use a nude palette on your eyes and neutral lips.
This bronzer lasted pretty well on me, I have quite an oily face, so my make up tends to rub off and my face can go quite shiny towards the end of the day - so I was pretty impressed with the sustaining power. So if any of you guys have the same problem then I would suggest to give this a whirl and see how it works for you!

What bronzers do you guys use and recommend?

Link | KIKO Bronzer


Saturday, 23 May 2015

Make Me Happy MAC

Just a quick post from me today, showing you some nice bits that I picked up in MAC recently. I simply love all the lip-liners from MAC and when I went in there last I finally managed to pick up 'Stripdown'. This is a colour that I have been lusting over for aaaages, and finally they had it in stock. This lip colour is apparently one that the ol' Kylie Jenner uses on her lips, so if you want a nude lip like hers, then I would definitely recommend adding this one to your make up collection.
This lip liner is a nude with brown undertones, so I would say this is a 90's inspired look, this lip colour looks gorgeous when you pair it with brown and camel eye shadow colours, a very natural but gorgeous look.
The second little purchase that I made from MAC, was one of the pro longwear paint pots in 'Soft Ochre'. I decided to give this a go, not only because I have been looking for something that you can put under your eye shadow as a base or make the colour of your eye shadow stand out more but because I have heard nothing but good reviews of this line from MAC.
 As you can see, soft ochre is a natural skin colour tone that I found matched my skin colour the best, there are a couple of other colours, like camel coat or painterly that are pretty similar to this one just with slightly different undertones. I have found that it keeps my eye shadow on super well which is a bonus, as I find whatever eye shadow I use it always wears off, I 100% recommend something like this as an alternative to eye shadow primer or just to wear on it's own for a natural look.


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A-Lining It

Hey guys, I hope you are all well? The weather really wants to keep playing tricks on us doesn't it? I woke up yesterday and it was absolutely chucking it down and then it was warm again by the afternoon and now as I am typing this it is pouring again. Urgh! Where are you sunshine!?
You really wouldn't guess that we are half way through May already, it still feels like it should be March or February not May, time is really flying and the weather is still poo! *cries* anyway, enough of me moaning and more of me talking about this look... What do we love more than skirts? A-Line skirts, they are the most flattering shape skirt, that literally any shape, height or width can pull off.
My mum has mentioned to me quite a few times how she had a skirt like this when she was my age or a bit older, I bet all of our mums did? & I bet they have all said to us "Omg, I had one just like that!". SO annoying that they didn't keep these items of clothing isn't it? I think this is why I'm a slight hoarder when it comes to clothes, cos you never know when something is gonna come back in fashion, or when you will need/want to wear it again! I mean how much cooler would it be if we could wear our mum's hand me downs? Then you're more likely going to have a unique piece.

These skirts have done a full circuit and have come back into fashion (like everything does really) and they are PERFECT for spring and summer, this one is from Topshop, priced at £28, which is very reasonable in my eyes, especially for Topshop, the shirt is another piece from Zara.

Skirt: Topshop
Shirt: ZARA
Shoes: H&M



Sunday, 17 May 2015

Shades of Blue

I swear ASOS is the reason why I am always skint, I spend so much of my time and money on that website, but I guess it is money and time well invested ha! 

Anyway, I have been searching for a pair of high waisted trousers like this for a long while, finally I came across a pair on ASOS. They are so easy to wear and again are another alternative to jeans, which I love. I do love my jeans but sometimes it is nice to mix it up a bit isn't it? They fit like a glove and the colours are great, bare in mind though, that for some reason ASOS do come up rather big and I actually had to go down a size for these trousers. I'm normally a comfortable size 10 and these are a size 8, so just be aware about that one guys.

The top is from Zara, you can probably tell as I feel like this is a very Zara sort of top. The material is very soft and comfortable, the cut of this top is very flattering and I feel it is a style that everyone, whatever your size or shape will be able to pull off. I love the colour as well, you can't go wrong with this pretty cream shade.

Trousers: ASOS
Hat: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Top: Zara


Friday, 15 May 2015

Culottes Are Everything

OMG! What has the weather been like this week, typical bloody English weather, you can rely on it to be rainy and cold on day and sunny the next. Hopefully this outfit post brings a bit more sunshine to your day...
Culottes are everywhere at the moment, and I LOVE it. They are the perfect statement piece of clothing, they're something a bit different to trousers or jeans therefore (mixing your outfit up a little bit), they're also perfect for spring because if you hadn't already guessed English weather is soooo unpredictable, so I have found, that they are warm enough to wear when it's a little bit chilly but cool enough to wear when the sun is shining.
I have seen many different sorts about, there are the jersey material, silky material, denim and even suede, some being more forgiving and easier to move in and some being more hard-wearing so you aren't able to move so freely in them. Whatever kind of material or whatever kind of length and style that you go for it is more than likely going to be very flattering, especially on us shorter gals. Showing our ankles makes us look that bit taller, which is always a bonus in my eyes!
These specific ones are very easy to move in because they are a wide leg cut and made from a silky material. You feel like you're wearing pyjamas because they're so comfy... and, and, AND they are striped. even. friggin'. better. 

Trousers: Zara
Top: Missguided (old)
Shoes: H & M
Sunglasses: Matalan (old)

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