Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Sexy Mother Blusher

This is the first time that I have bought a blusher in this consistency, normally I just go for the powder ones because they always look much easier to apply than the cream ones. I have only heard good things about this product so I decided to give it a go and see what I would make of it.
Firstly, the 3 colours that are available are all absolutely gorgeous but when it comes to blusher I tend to favour with the more coral coloured products just because I think that they suit my sort of skin tone better, so I went for the 'Onamatopeacha' (strangest name I have come across for a while, lol.)
 This product is dream to work with if you're going for a natural, non heavy make up look just because the cream consistency glides on and sits better when you have very little on your face. I found when I was wearing powder underneath, it didn't blend in all that well and it actually took some of my make up off when I was trying to rub it in however when you just use a light base underneath like a BB cream or a thin layer of foundation it works great, it really brings a shine and glow to the cheeks, it gives you that kind of holiday glow. It would be a lovely product to use when going on holiday especially in the evenings when you just want to lightly enhance that tan and give yourself that extra radiance. It is also very long wearing, it lasts me a full day at work, which is extremely good considering how much my usual make up rubs off during the day.

I've found that all Soap & Glory products really are very reasonably priced and are well worth their money. This product is priced at around £9 - reasonably priced and excellent quality!


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