Sunday, 12 April 2015

Romper & Denim

Is it ok to wear short playsuits yet? The first sign of sunshine and I am in my summer clothes, I used to think that I enjoyed the Autumn and Winter better than summer however this year I have noticed that having the longer day lit evenings and having a tiny bit more sunshine has boosted my mood no end, so I have decided that now I am summer person, yup my mind was changed that easily ha.
You get to be so much more experimental with your clothes in the summer, you can wear whatever you want and pretty much get away with it - especially at festivals and on holiday.
The playsuits from American Apparel are such a handy piece of clothing to have when it comes to layering up thinner layers in the spring. They are easy to wear and look great when worn just on their own, but adding a bit of denim can just give a little bit of edge to the outfit. I would say this playsuit is more of a casual outfit but can be dressed up or dressed down with any sort of shoes and accessories that you like. I decided to go for Converse in this instance but I have worn this before with boots and tights.

 Jacket: Ragged Priest (Old)
Playsuit: American Apparel
Converse: Schuh



  1. Playsuit from AA are cute. Great combinations playsuit with denim jacket.You look so beautiful!

    1. I know they are so cute aren't they! Might have to buy one in every colour! Thank you very much!


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