Saturday, 18 April 2015

Major Hydration Giirrrrrrrl

I actually can not get enough of Liz Earle products, I think that this brand has got to be the best skin care range ever, not only does it sooth and clear your skin in to a much better state than any other brand I know, it is very affordable and easy to purchase.
This product I purchased on a flight, it came in a travel kit, which I must say I was pretty delighted with, it came with lots of different bits and pieces but this is my favourite.
It's the Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask, it is widely recommended that you should give your skin a good nourishing and rehydrating at least once a week, with any sort of mask or creams that you fancy however I really do recommend this one. I've noticed that if I have a break-out of spots, as soon as I use this my skin feels a lot smoother and the flare ups on my face aren't as visible, it definitely sooths the problem areas. It also helps when your face feels really worn-down and dry, I have also often noticed that my skin feels a lot firmer and plumper once I have used this.
I'd probably say the best time to use a mask is when you are relaxing in the bath or simply just reading a book/watching the TV, I use mine after I have showered. It is best to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes, this way it can really soak into the skin and work its magic.
 Keeping our skin hydrated is key and the most important way to keep our skin looking healthy. It also prevents them unwanted wrinkles or frown lines approaching any quicker than they should be. Some of the natural active ingredients include glycerine, which is a humectant (attracts water), drawing water in the atmosphere onto the skin to aid hydration and D-panthenol which is better known as pro-vitamin B5, this is necessary for the functioning of the skin and has a moisturising effect. It also helps stimulate cellular renewal, which means it's great at making the skin look great and feel firmer.
This product can be found in any sort of big department stores like Debenhams and John Lewis or large Boots stores. It also can be found on the internet.
RRP: £16


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