Saturday, 11 April 2015

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish/Bronzer

Finding that perfect colour bronzer is actually very hard for a lot of people, it does depend on what kind of skin tone you have and what sort of colour that you like to go for when it comes to applying things on your face.

I bought this product back in October because I was looking for a bronzer, one that wasn't too orange but one that wasn't too brown (which in some cases can make you look dirty) I then come across this one, this is actually a skin finish but I use it as a bronzer because I preferred the colour of this one to the MAC bronzers, I find it works really well for me as a bronzer.

This will most definitely come in a lot more handy now we are approaching the summer months, as it will go hand in hand with having a tan and make your face look a little browner and give you more of a glow - although this product is matte it still works great with dewy foundation.

The colour is 'Give Me Sun' which suits its purpose well. I've found that it has really great staying power and lasts a lot longer than a lot of bronzers that I have used in the past.

This product is £23, quite pricey for a bronzer but it will last a hell of a long time, I have worn this non-stop since October and there is still a lot of use left in it.


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