Sunday, 1 March 2015

Weekly Lusting Basket

Here are some garments that have caught my eye over the past week or so, hopefully now the weather is going to be getting better *types this whilst it's pouring outside* we can start to mix up our wardrobe a bit more with lighter layers and baring our legs and arms a bit more (basically showing a bit more flesh).

The festival goer look is something that just oozes sophistication when worn right and I feel that I have taken a lot of festival vibe inspiration here which wasn't intentional. I think I am just drawn to this type of look, I remember being at Parklife last year and me and my friends were noting down all the outfits, saying what we loved and who we thought looked super chic. I feel like a festival is a good way to get great inspiration for yourself and it gives you the chance to dress up and be as outrageous and creative as you want without being judged.

So below you shall find some items that I have collected up and added to my lust basket to show you guys...


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