Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette

I know there has been so much hype about the urban decay naked palette range, in some aspects I do believe that it does deserve this hype as the colours in this palette are amazing. The nudey-smokey colours are so in at the moment and really give you that gorgeous glowing make up look. You can pretty much create any sort of eye make up look with these shades, they work for any sort of eye colour too, so getting a look that works for you is very easy.
The colours in this palette are very pigmented and only need one dab from the brush to extract a substantial amount of product. The colours do stay on well, although using a base or a primer does make a difference with these eye shadows - but then this goes for all eye shadows, whatever the brand.
The RPP for this product is around £38-£40 which is quite expensive but you do get 12 different shades in that price of a reasonably good quality. My question is this, would I buy it again if I ever ran out? The answer is probably yes.


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