Monday, 9 March 2015

The Perfect Perfume: 'Jimmy Choo'

It's really hard for someone to try and explain a perfume and for you guys to go on a review without smelling it for yourself. Everyone of us have our preferred smells and what we like so all I can tell you is that you should definitely go and sniff this one out in your nearest perfume shop, just go and have a little taster.

For me, I was very surprised that Jimmy Choo produced a perfume of this scent, like many perfumes it smells a lot better once it has worn off a little (this is how most people do prefer their perfume smells to be honest) but for me it is just right, not too sweet, not too overpowering and very feminine.

Anyway, like I said there isn't much I can say about perfumes without you trying them for yourselves but I definitely recommend, another winner is that it isn't too expensive (around £35 for a 100ml) bottle) on




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